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Are you ready to generate customers through your website? Are you are looking for a Baltimore SEO Company that will produce RESULTS? An SEO Company that offers strategic insight on how to position your business online? You have come to the right place. MarketKeep is routinely listed as one of the top Baltimore SEO Companies and is proud to support small businesses and start-ups with their SEO efforts. 

If you are a small business owner that doubles as the marketing director you probably receive countless emails a day from SEO companies and SEO consultants promising to increase your website traffic by 5 to 10 thousand visitors. All of these email requests are from SEO firms located outside Maryland or overseas. This makes it harder to judge who is good at SEO and who is just scamming the system. Wouldn’t it be nice to partner with a top-rated SEO company located here in Maryland? 


As Your Baltimore SEO Company…

While you don’t need to partner with a Baltimore SEO Company, why wouldn’t you? While technology has made things easier, nothing can replace a good old fashioned in-person meeting. And technology certainly can’t replace a company that understands your target audience and where they live, because they work and live in the same area. So whether your business is located in downtown Baltimore, or just located in the greater Baltimore region, make sure to connect with us! You can stop by our office in Towson, or we can meet you at yours. Either way, contact MarketKeep toady and let’s set up an in-person meeting to review your SEO strategy.

As a Baltimore SEO Company Here Is What We Offer


DoWe send you a weekly SEO report showing your keywords and past & current rankings. So you can always check our work.

Customer Growth

We provide your business with the exposure it deserves online by increasing your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.


Friendly Commitments

We don’t force our customers into lengthy contracts. Give us three months and then it’s month to month commitments.


Content Creation

Dominate the SERP’s with relevant, strategic content that creates a positive, lasting impression.

SEO Audits

We provide in-depth SEO audits that create a complete comprehensive roadmap to victory.

SEO In-House

All of our SEO efforts are done in-house. There are no short-cuts or short-comings with your SEO strategy.

93% of all online consumers start their web experience with a search.

Google makes up 75% of all online searches globally. 

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization Anyway?

According to Moz.com, SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. So to help further understand how SEO can help your business, you need to understand three important components: the quality and quantity of website traffic, and the importance of organic results.

  • Quality of Traffic. You can attract all the website visitors in the word, but if they are coming to your website because they think you are an Apple Store when really you are a farmer who sells Apples in his store, is that really quality traffic? Your website needs to attract visitors who are genuinely interested in the products you offer. 
  • Quantity of Traffic. Once you have the right people clicking through to your website from those search result pages, the more traffic the better!
  • Organic Results. Your website traffic needs to be organic, Google Adwords and Social Media Paid campaigns do not count towards your SEO search ranking.

So here are three key components to building a strong SEO presence online and how to boost your overall performance

  • First, you need to build a website that search engines can crawl and find it. Your website will need to load fast, be secure (have an SSL Certificate), and mobile-friendly.
  • Second, you need to build unique content. Each page of your website should be unique, remarkable, and optimized for SEO. 
  • Third, you need references. You must commit to building online citations, links, and generating references from websites with strong domain authority or are considered industry leading experts. So contact us today to get started on your SEO strategy. 

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Why work with MarketKeep

Honest People

From your first interaction with MarketKeep, it will be apparent that we just want to help. We make sure to be upfront and honest in our approach, transparent in our reporting, and always be there to answer your call or email.

Fully Integrated

From start to finish MarketKeep will plan, place, and optimize your search engine optimization campaigns. Our team of SEO Experts will manage the day to day activities, which enable you to focus on the big picture and interacting with your customers. We make sure each week to send a recap report to you, and make ourselves available to meet when you need us.

We Get Small Business

MarketKeep is geared for small businesses and start-ups because we are a small business. Our budgets are designed with you in mind, so you partner with a top digital marketing agency that operates on a marketing assistant budget.

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