Need A Search Engine Marketing Specialist?

What is a Search Engine Marketing Specialist?


A Search Engine Marketing Specialist is someone who will help develop a revenue-generating campaign that will promote your company, attract new visitors, convert leads into sales, and product repeat business.


As Your Search Engine Marketing Specialist…


As your Search Engine Marketing Specialist, or SEM Specialist for short, MarketKeep will plan, place, and optimize your SEM campaign so that it continues to develop new business. Having to pay for leads might seem like a strange concept, but if your marketing budget allows for it, we highly recommend it! Your target audience’s habits are changing daily, and a SEM Campaign is the easiest way to stay ahead of them. While Search Engine Optimization takes months to start working properly, SEM is instant. So if you see that your target audience is changing, the best way to get ahead of them is through an SEM Campaign!


What Makes Our Team Different?


Founded in 2015, MarketKeep relied heavily on website traffic to acquire new customers, and build a footprint online. By working on and perfecting our strategy it has helped us in turn take the same approach to our client’s websites! The same roadmap that got you here, will be the same roadmap we take to your website, and trust us it works!

Not only that, but as your SEM Specialist on hand, we will prioritize and develop a strategy that reaches your target audience in the moments that matter most to them. Our goal for every Search Engine Marketing campaign is to develop content that your customers will like, because it provides them with value and an answer. .

As An SEM Specialist Do You Just Set Up Our Campaign?

The answer is no! At MarketKeep we do not believe in setting and forgetting. Our goal is to develop a campaign that grows organically overtime. We do this through continued monitoring, and optimizing the campaign when necessary. Our team will analyze the data, report back out suggestions, and implement the changes!

So what are you waiting for? We all know you just found your Search Engine Marketing Specialist! Contact MarketKeep today to learn more about how we can help grow your business, and become a part of your team as your Search Engine Marketing Specialist.



The Power of MarketKeep

MarketKeep will partner with your business to help you reach your target audience in the moments that matter most to them. As your marketing assistant we will oversee your marketing strategy, and help move your business forward.

Plan your marketing strategy with MarketKeep

Planning a marketing strategy is a group effort. Even with our system in place to help design a marketing strategy, we still want your input! That is why during the discovery phase of our process it is important that we not only learn more about your target audience, but also what you have tried in the past in order to reach them!


Establish Your Goal

Place Your Campaign

MarketKeep will Place the Marketing Strategy.

After identifying your target audience, MarketKeep will help place your company in front of them in the moments that matter most! Whether it is online or offline you can be sure that you will be reaching your audience with a message that resonates!


MarketKeep will Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns

Connecting with your customers is only half the battle! With the improvements in technology, and the busy lifestyle your customer leads staying one step ahead of them has never been more important. MarketKeep will analyze your marketing campaigns so that we can always be one step ahead of your customer, and greet them whenever, wherever, however. 


Optimize to Move Forward

Our Customers

We’ve worked with small businesses of every size, and industry from

plumbing companies to one man real estate firms, from roofing companies

to mom and pop stores. All types of businesses have found ways to

save time and improve their Search Engine Optimization strategy with MarketKeep.

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