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Ready to start having your website work for your business?

MarketKeep is a digital marketing agency for small businesses that works to connect your business with your customers online in the moments that matter most to them.


The key components that make up our digital marketing agency for small businesses

Website Design

90% of online searchers have not made up their mind about a brand before starting their online search. Therefore business owners that craft smart & powerful websites help online searchers turn into customers by providing them with the information they are looking for online, and helps them to make informed decisions regarding their business.  As a Maryland website design company, the team at MarketKeep designs websites that optimize your user’s experience, and helps your business be found online for key searches your customers use.

Learn more about our digital marketing agency for small businesses and our website design services for small business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

93% of customers start their path to purchase with an online search. Can customers find your business when they begin their journey? Search Engine Optimization is all about identifying your target customers, finding the keywords and search terms they use online, and fulfilling their needs by building content centered around their search. As a search engine optimization company for small businesses, our job is to help you improve the performance of your website, and connect you with customers online.

Learn more about our digital marketing agency for small businesses and our search engine optimization services for small businesses.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM or Search engine marketing is a valuable tactic that can drive high-quality traffic to your website immediately. A trusted SEM partner should demystify your pay per click strategy and allow you to focus on what really matters – growing your business and helping your customers. As an SEM company for small businesses, the job of MarketKeep professionals is to optimize your paid advertising campaigns, increase conversions, maximize your return on investment, and grow your business.

Learn more about our digital marketing agency for small businesses and our search engine marketing services for small businesses.

Social Media

Social Media used properly will help your business create meaningful conversations that spark engagement, loyalty, and turn customers into advocates. At MarketKeep as your social media assistant, our role is to listen to how your audience speaks and engages with your brand and to deliver a consistent message that provides value and satisfies your customer’s desires.

Learn more about our digital marketing agency for small businesses and our social media management services for small businesses.

Local SEO

90% of all purchases happen in brick and mortar locations, and 80% of all US income is spent within a 20-mile radius of the home. Learning how to acquire the searches in your backyard takes skill, precision, and daily maintenance. The professionals at MarketKeep help your business discover, connect with, and turn local searchers into customers by helping to manage your local SEO efforts.

Learn more about our digital marketing agency for small businesses and our local SEO services for small businesses.

The MarketKeep Process: Our Approach as a

Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

The goal of digital marketing is to help reach your customers online in the moments that matter most to them. Whether that is in an online search or through the social media platforms they use, greet your customers with a consistent message that resonates with them. As a digital marketing agency for small businesses, the MarketKeep process is here to help connect you with your customers in the most effective ways possible.

Step 1: Planning the right digital marketing strategy:

A strong digital marketing campaign started with a strong foundation. Understanding how your customers find answers to their questions, and on what platforms is the key to success online. During the discovery phase of the MarketKeep process, together we will identify three key components: your target audience, they concerns/questions, and what answers benefit them the most. 

Establish Your Goal

Place Your Campaign

Step 2: Placing Your Digital Marketing Strategy Correctly.

Once you have identified your target audience, the questions or services they need, and what converts them from a searcher to a customer, you need to identify where they go to research and find answers. Through the MarketKeep process together we will find the correct avenues to position your business so that customers find you in the moments that matter most to them.

Step 3: Understanding that the job is never done, you can always optimize your digital marketing strategy

With improvements in technology, the busy lifestyle your customers lead, and the fact that countless competitors are aiming for the same customers, staying one step has never been more important. You need to analyze your campaigns, find out how to improve, and figure out what your customer will want next. At MarketKeep we help you sift through the data so you can always know what your customer wants, where it wants, and how to reach your company first.

Optimize to Move Forward

Our Customers

As a digital marketing agency for small businesses based in Towson, Maryland we’ve worked with small businesses of every size, and industry from plumbing companies to one-man real estate firms, from roofing companies with 50 employees to mom and pop stores. All types of businesses have found ways to save time and improve their digital marketing strategy and online presence with MarketKeep.

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