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Ready to take ownership of your online presence?

MarketKeep is a digital marketing agency for small businesses that works to connect with their customers in the moments that matter most to them.


A few areas we specialize in as a digital marketing agency for small businesses.

Website Design

As a Maryland Website Design Company, our objective is to design you a website with your ideal customer in mind. Website design is more than just creating an attractive website. It is considering the user experience, increasing your search visibility online, and optimizing for mobile search.

Learn more about our website design services for small business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As a search engine optimization company for small businesses, our process is straight forward. We identify your target customers, find what keywords and search terms they use to search online and build content that will rank well and offer a great user experience. Throughout the course of our work, we will re-evaluate and improve our strategies by checking where you rank online weekly, researching your competitors, and taking a deep dive into your Google Analytics Account.

Learn more about our search engine optimization services for small businesses.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Each month there are over 100 billion Google searches each month. SEM advertising is a valuable tactic that can drive high-quality traffic to your website immediately through paid advertising. As an SEM Agency, MarketKeep plans, places, and optimizes our customers Pay Per Click Campaigns.

Learn more about our search engine marketing services for small businesses.

Social Media

Our social media team helps brings brands to life online. From optimizing our customer’s social media posts to managing their social advertising budgeting to monitoring social media conversations, we have the tools and resources to do it all.

Learn more about our social media management services for small businesses.

Local SEO

90% of all purchases take place in physical stores and 80% of all US income is spent within a 20-mile radius of a home. Navigating the click to brick economy with a local SEO agency that can help bring customers to your front door.

Learn more about our local SEO services for small businesses.

The MarketKeep Process

MarketKeep partners with you and your business to help you reach your target audience in the moments that matter most to them. As a marketing agency based in Towson, Maryland we primarily work with small businesses & start-ups to oversee their marketing strategies and help grow their business online.

As the digital marketing agency for small businesses and start-ups, we will plan your marketing strategy.

Planning a marketing strategy is a group effort. Even with our system in place designing a marketing strategy for your business still includes you! That is why during the discovery phase of our process it is important that we not only learn more about your target audience but also what you have tried in the past in order to reach them. 

Establish Your Goal

Place Your Campaign

MarketKeep will place the marketing strategy.

After identifying your target audience, MarketKeep will place your company in front of them in the moments that matter most! Whether it is online or offline you can be sure that you will be reaching your target audience with a message that resonates!

MarketKeep will optimize your marketing campaigns.

Connecting with your customers is only half the battle! With the improvements to technology, and the busy lifestyle your customer leads staying one step ahead of them has never been more important. MarketKeep will analyze your marketing campaigns so that we can always be one step ahead of your customers, and greet them whenever, wherever, however. 

Optimize to Move Forward

Our Customers

As a digital marketing agency for small businesses based in Towson, Maryland we’ve worked with small businesses of every size, and industry from plumbing companies to one-man real estate firms, from roofing companies with 50 employees to mom and pop stores. All types of businesses have found ways to save time and improve their digital marketing strategy and online presence with MarketKeep.

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