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Did you know that 46% of all searches on Google are based on a local search? To put that into perspective there are 3.5 billion searches a day on Google. So as a small business owner partnering with a Local SEO Agency that can drive online searchers into same day customers is critical. MarketKeep is a small business digital marketing agency ready to help guide you through Local SEO and become your Local SEO Agency.

Local SEO is a lot to work on and requires you to play a game that never ends. It requires a lot of time, energy, and consistently getting the small details right. The upside to it? You can connect with customers online, and see them in your store that very same day. Anytime your business can connect with a person searching “…near me” it is an opportunity to gain their business. Search engines understand that when a person types in “near me” all they want to see are a list of business suggestions with a website, phone number, address, and the proximity to them. That is why you need to partner with a Local SEO Agency that can help identify these key searches and place your business in front of customers who perform them. 


As Your Local SEO Agency…

While you don’t need to partner with a Local SEO Agency, why wouldn’t you? Local SEO is constantly evolving and it requires A LOT of daily attention. It also requires that you get the details right. Making sure that your business listings are correct across multiple online citations, that your website is optimized for mobile searches, and that it offers high-quality content. At MarketKeep here is everything that goes into a Local SEO Strategy for our clients. 

  • Mobile-friendly Website Development. A local business without a mobile-friendly website is going to lose out on business. Even if you try to pay for clicks mobile users will encounter a poor user experience and click off your website to find a better search result for them. So at MarketKeep, we design websites that are mobile-friendly, responsive, and connect instantly with users. 
  • Link Building Campaigns. Many search engine algorithms rely on quality inbound links. High authority links from reputable websites can significantly improve your website’s domain authority and individual page authority. As your Local SEO agency, MarketKeep will work on link building campaigns that accomplish exactly that. 
  • Optimize Page Titles. Page titles for your site are an important ranking factor that many small business owners either overlook or underutilize. At MarketKeep we craft title tags that follow best practices and include strategic keywords that have an immediate impact on your business. 
  • High-Quality Content. Search Engines identify and reward high-quality content that is relevant to a user search and provides them with relevant, useful, unique, and sharable information. MarketKeep builds high-quality content for our clients that generates long-term success.
  • Get Local. We make sure that search engines like Google know exactly where your business is located by adding your city and state to title tags, H1 tags, and the content on your website. As simple as this may sound, many small business owners fail to take advantage of this. At MarketKeep we make sure that your business is not one of them. 

What is Local SEO and what are the benefits?

Local SEO is the technique of making your company’s website visible for geographically related searches. Local SEO is important because it helps your company increase its online visibility, outrank local competitors, and increase your organic website traffic, in-store traffic, and generate leads or sales. Some benefits to a Local SEO strategy include:

  • Increasing your online visibility. We stated above that 46% of all online searches are related to a person’s geographical location, but did you know that 97% of people who search online have searched for a local business or store? Local SEO increases your page ranking, increasing your visibility, and increasing your yearly revenue. 
  • Local SEO increases website traffic and sales. If you are a local company that works within a small service radius, website traffic and leads from outside of your city will not do you much good. With a Local SEO strategy, you are committing to increasing traffic from potential customers within your service area, which leads to higher-quality leads.

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