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What can we tell you about MarketKeep? MarketKeep is the preferred marketing assistant to small business owners everywhere! Based in Towson, Maryland our unique approach allows us to intergrate ourselves into the daily work schedule of our cleitns, and become a valuable contributor to the team.

Our ethos: marketing simplified, drives the team at Marketkeep to always think outside the box, and find creative solutions to drivee your company forward. By simplifying the marketing process to a three step process, we help our clients craft a message to their customers that will reach them when it matters most, and on the platforms that are relevant to them!


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It is our primarily responsible to make sure that your campaigns are always being optimized and evaluated for a peak performance. At MarketKeep everything we do is traced back to our analytics capabilities. Through our partnerships with Google Analytics, BrightLocal, and Moz our team has the ability to not only increase your presence online, but to provide you with concrete numbers along the way. As a small business owner you will no longer have to justify your marketing spend by asking questions such as: is the phone ringing more? Has the foot traffic increased? How many people did we reach? Instead MarketKeep will bring you data that shows where you stand on Search Engines Rankings, ROI through online & offline tracking capabilities, and more.  So why not leverage the help your small business needs in order to help grow your business? Contact MarketKeep today to see how our company can help.

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 Contact us now for a free consultation. MarketKeep professionals will help you plan, place, and optimize your marketing strategies to help you reach your target audience.   Address: 600 Washington Avenue, Towson Md 21286 Phone: 410.299.7260 Business Hours: 8a-6:30p M-F, 9a-2p S-S

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