Social Media Management

for Small Business

As your Social Media Strategist, MarketKeep will develop a strategy that grows your customer base online and forms a deeper connection with them in the process.  


Social Media Management for Small Business. How it works

MarketKeep will partner with your business to operate as the social media strategist for your company. From posting content on a consisten and daily basis, to optimizing your social media ad campaigns, we do it all! To learn more about social media management for small business, and how MarketKeep works make sure to click the button below!

Our Social Media Management for Small Business Teams Involved Planning.

Before posting to your social media accounts, MarketKeep will plan a social media strategy based on a few things. First we will identify your current customers, and make sure to connect with them. Based on their interestes and behaviors we will find a similar audience who should be a customer. Finally we will develop a plan to turn potential customers into loyal customers!

Establish Your Goal

Place Your Campaign

MarketKeep will Place the Marketing Strategy.

After planning comes placing! MarketKeep will place your social media strategy. From posting on a regular and consisten basis to placing your social media ad campaigns, MarketKeep will work with you to perfect your social media strategy.

MarketKeep will Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns

Connecting with your customers is only half the battle! With the improvements in technology, and the busy lifestyle your customer leads, staying one step ahead of them has never been more important. MarketKeep will analyize your social media campaigns so that we can always be one step ahead of your customer, and greet them whenever, wherever, however. 

Optimize to Move Forward

Our Customers

We’ve worked with small businesses of every size, and industry from

plumbing companies to one man real estate firms, from roofing companies

to mom and pop stores. All types of businesses have found ways to

save time and improve their marketing strategy with MarketKeep.


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