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Virtual Marketing Assistant for Business Owners

MarketKeep, your virtual marketing assistant

As a business owner, the never-ending question is how do I continue to grow my business? Well, it starts with building the right team. As your Virtual Marketing Assistant, the team at MarketKeep will help you develop content that will connect with your target audience, and turn website traffic into customers. The benefit of MarketKeep? As your virtual marketing assistant, we handle the daily marketing tasks for you so that you can focus on the big stuff.

The Benefit to a Virtual Marketing Assistant

To us, the biggest advantage of hiring a virtual marketing assistant like MarketKeep is the flexibility it offers. Instead of having to worry about finding tasks to justify the cost of a part-time employee for 2o to 30 hours a week, at MarketKeep we can accomplish our tasks within 1o to 14 hours a month! Not only that, but when you hire us to be your marketing assistant, our team already comes with trained professionals in web design, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, Local SEO, and Google Analytics. So not only do you save by not having to pay for things such as office supplies, employee benefits, or office space, but you receive a virtual marketing assistant who is a leader in their industry.

Virtual Marketing Assistant

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Marketing Simplified. Your Virtual Marketing Assistant.

Why work with MarketKeep

Honest People

From your first interaction with MarketKeep, it will be apparent that we just want to help. Whether we are in an advisory role, or you would like us to act as your everyday Marketing Manager, we are here to help you and your business grow.

Transparent Results

When you are honest you are transparent. When we partner with you we make sure that you see everything we do, the results we are producing, and where we have room for improvement. Always be in the know of your marketing campaigns and what you are getting for it.

We Get Small Business

MarketKeep is geared for small businesses and start-ups because we are a small business. Our budgets are designed with you in mind, so you partner with a top digital marketing agency that operates on a marketing assistant budget.

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