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Creating Videos that increase conversions

Videos that increase conversions jump-start the sales process like no other type of content can making it a no brainer to implement them into your digital marketing strategy. In today’s blog the team here at MarketKeep, the digital marketing agency for small businesses, will outline 7 different types of videos that increase conversions and will help turn your website visitors into paying customers.

The 7 Types of Videos that Increase Conversions

1. Educational Videos

Educational videos (when done right) help build your audience by informing them of relevant topics closely related to your business in an informal and engaging way. 

The benefit to educational videos is that they establish your business as an expert in its field helping to boost the consumer’s trust in your brand and products. A good example of this is the video below from Taylor Guitars!

2. Commercial Videos

Probably the most familiar to you on this list, commercial videos are similar to the ones you see on TV. A commercial-style video tries to sell you on something in 30 seconds or less. While you can use commercials on your site, remember commercials are meant to draw users to the site, not convert them into customers. Here is an example of Starbucks utilizing videos that increase conversions.

3. Explainer Videos

Did you know that Google ranks websites that incorporate videos into their pages higher than those without? So if you want to boost conversions on your website and improve the session duration time on your landing pages as well, explainer videos are the perfect fit! 

It doesn’t matter how complex your product, service, or concept is an explainer-style video can cover it in 2 minutes or less! More importantly, explainer videos can address your target audience’s pain-point directly and convey that your solution is the best solution for their problem. And of course Google is king at creating videos that increase conversions. 

4. Customer Testimonial Videos

Testimonials can work wonders if your potential lead is in the decision making stage of the customer journey. Customer Testimonial videos are trustworthy and convincing making them the perfect video style to help reach people in the decision-making stage. 

Done right, testimonials make your audience feel like that if you could take care of your client’s pain-point then you could handle theirs as well. A great example of a customer testimonial video is M&T Bank.  

5. Social Media Videos

Social Media videos are all about creating content that is specifically designed to be shared. The trick to social media videos is that they have to be short and engaging. Furthermore, they need to elicit an emotional response. That is ultimately what generates the most amount of views, shares, and engagement online. Dollar Shave Club was one of the very first companies to take advantage of social media videos that increase conversions.

6. Product Videos

Product videos and landing pages are the 1 2 punch of the digital marketing industry. Product videos can help you portray your product or service and help your potential customer to understand the product online. 

A product video plays a significant role in the buyer’s path to purchase helping to increase the trust in product or service, and overcoming last-minute resistances by addressing necessary explanations. Apple always launches great product videos. 

7. Culture Videos

Most often found on a company’s homepage. A culture video shows the human side to your business, and what makes it unique. This is beneficial for when you are trying to connect with your audience on an emotional level and keeps your staff motivated and invested in the team. 

Culture videos shine a spotlight on the faces behind your company’s logo and convey your brand’s ideals, values, mission, and vision. Zendesk is a perfect example of nailing the company culture video.

Videos That Increase Conversions

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