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Social Media Tips from MarketKeep

Here are Social Media Tips We Have Learned Along the Way…We hope they help you too!

Social Media Tips can be found anywhere online. What we think makes for helpful Social Media Tips is when they are given out, because of past experiences, and that is exactly what this blog is all about! All the Social Media Tips you will find in this article are from lessons we have learned over time.

Social Media Tips We Live By Here at MarketKeep.

Everyday we get to interject new thoughts and styles into our social media marketing campaigns. It provides us with a chance to challenge ourselves, and to learn from our previous mistakes, or expand upon an idea.

The first rule to social media marketing in our minds is this: Know Your Target Audience!

Pretend your company offers a product that is routinely bought by people between the ages of 20 and 28 years old, how would you market to them on Social Media? A majority of our clients will say Facebook, and to some extent they are right. Facebook by far and away does have the largest number of users, but not active users. That award belongs to Instagram. Knowing where your target audience spends the majority of there time, and where they are most likely to engage goes a long way into understanding Social Media.


Social Media Tip Number 2: Know when to Post


About a year ago, we had the opportunity to work with a school system on growing their social media presence. When we first took on the project we realized that a majority of the posts were being sent out between the hours of 9am and 1p. For a reference point the average school day in the state of Maryland (where MarketKeep is headquarted) is from 8am until 3pm. That means a majority of the posts were happening during the school day. Now we had to ask our clients who the posts were targeted to; the parents or the kids. Almost all of them said the parents, and rightfully so!

So our question to them was, why are you posting between 9am and 1pm when we all know that most parents are working or running errands during that time period. Why not post between 7a-9am when school dropoff is, or during a typical lunch break, or better yet between 3 and 3:30p when most parents are sitting in your school parking lot on their phones! Knowing when to post is one of the most important social media tips we can offer here at MarketKeep.


Social Media Tip Number 3: Know what to post


Finding out your target audience, and knowing when to post is only half the battle. One of the things that most of our clients (and us too) is knowing what to post. Tools that we have found to be helpful are:

The Google Keyword Planner

Google Trends

Google Search

And just by talking to our customers

Everything we mentioned above has a way of giving you ideas for content. Having keywords and identifying trends gives you a lot of information to go of off, and puts you in the right direction!


Social Media Tip Number 4


Make sure to analyze your social media campaign at least once a month! You put a lot of effort into your social media campaign, so it makes sense to see how it is doing. Two tools that we use all the time at MarketKeep, are Google Analytics and Hootsuite. Having these tools give us access to data such as, total engagement, user likes, clicks to the websites, and even conversions!


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