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What is a meta tag title and why is it important for my business?

You may be asking yourself just what is a meta tag title?  A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of your website. It is important to customize your Title Tag because these tags are displayed on search engine results packs, and act as the clickable headline for a given web result. The importance of a meta tag title cannot be overstated since they provide users with important information about your website page, play an integral part in SEO, and are used for social sharing. 

The Optimal Length of a Title Tag

Google search results typically display the first 50 to 60 characters of a title tag. As a small business owner, keeping your titles under 60 characters is important. Why? Because research suggests that you can expect only about 90% of your titles to display properly in search results. While there is no exact character limit to your meta title tag, characters do limit out on a search result. As is stands, Google’s display titles max out at 600 pixels.

Answering the question, What is a meta tag title, and why is it important?

Your meta tag titles play a major role in helping search engines understand what your website page is all about. They are also a person’s first impression regarding your website. The title tag plays an important role in three key places.

1. Search Engine Results (SERPs)

2. Web Browsers

3. Social Networks

The role of the meta title tag in search results

What is a meta tag title

Your title tag (with a few exceptions) determines your display title in SERPs and is the first impression a visitor receives of your website. Even if you have a website that ranks well, a google title tag will determine your click-through rate on that particular page.  When designing your title tag make sure to follow these 8 tips.

1. Limite your Title Tag to 60 characters or less

2. Make sure the title tag accurately describes your page

3. Use your Title Tag to describe what you want the page to do

4. Place your focus keyword at the front of the title tag

5. Make sure to mention the name of your business in your title tag

6. Separate your businesses’ name from the title tag

7. Write your title tag for the end user not for the search engine

8. Make sure that each page is unique

The role of the meta title tag in your web browser

Another area where your title tag is displayed is within the web browser itself. Your Title Tag will be displayed at the top of your web browser and acts as a placeholder for people who have many tabs open. Try to use unique and easily recognizable titles with your important keywords displayed at the beginning to make sure people don’t lose track of your content.

The role of the meta title tag in social networks

Some external websites, mostly social media networks, will use your title tag to determine what to display when you share a page. Some social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have their own Meta tags, which allow you to specify titles differently from your main title tag. This can allow you to optimize for each network when it is beneficial to your business.

Will Google ever show a different meta tag title?

In the event that Google displays a different meta tag title from the one you have written, there are generally three likely explanations. 

1. Your Title Tag is keyword-stuffed

If you try to write a title tag with multiple keywords, Google may choose to simplify your title tag. Make sure to carefully write your Title Tag and research your user to avoid this from happening. 

2. Your Title Tag does not match the search query

Google may choose to rewrite your Title tag in the event that your page is a match for a search query that is not well represented in your Title Tag. This is not necessarily bad, but if your Title Tag is being overwritten, it is properly a good idea to update it yourself.

3. You have an alternative title tag in place

If you have a different Title Tag for your website page on Facebook or Twitter, Google may choose to use those titles instead. If this happens make sure to update your website Title Tag to the version Google is using.

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