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SEO Keywords for Music Stores

SEO for Music Stores

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The Top SEO Keywords for Music Stores

There is no getting around it, any SEO campaign you run for your music store, no matter how brilliantly executed, stands or falls based on your target keywords. If your company has selected the right keywords, you will get more and more organic website traffic from Google as time goes on. Choose the wrong keywords, and your competition will surpass you. But there is plenty to be excited about! Did you know that there are over 135,000 U.S. based online searches for music stores each month? By optimizing your website with the Top SEO keywords for music stores you are providing yourself with inbound leads that will only serve to complement the ones you generate through referrals and traditional advertising methods. Here are the Top SEO Keywords for music stores in the United States courtesy of the Google Keyword Planner

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    The 50 Best SEO Keywords for Music Stores

    Keyword Competition Avg. Monthly Searches Competition Level
    music store 135,000 Low
    music store near me 201,000 Medium
    guitar center near me 74,000 Low
    guitar store near me 60,500 Medium
    music instrument store 27,100 Low
    guitar shop near me 22,200 Medium
    guitar center used 33,100 High
    music shop near me 14,800 Low
    music shop 12,100 Low
    guitar center black friday 2018 9,900 Low
    piano store near me 9,900 High
    sam ash near me 8,100 Low
    instrument store 6,600 Medium
    music instrument store near me 8,100 High
    instrument store near me 6,600 Medium
    sam ash used 6,600 Low
    guitar center used gear 4,400 High
    drum shop 2,400 Low
    guitar center black friday 4,400 High
    costco piano 3,600 High
    musical instrument store near me 4,400 High
    violin shop near me 3,600 Medium
    buy guitar 2,400 High
    violin store near me 3,600 High
    walmart guitar 5,400 High
    buy piano 2,900 High
    guitar center ukulele 4,400 High
    nearest music store 3,600 Low
    drum store 2,400 Medium
    online music stores 2,900 HIgh
    the music store 1,900 Low
    violin store 2,400 High
    drum store near me 2,400 High
    nearest guitar center 2,400 Low
    guitar center keyboards 2,900 High
    fao schwarz piano 1,900 High
    guitar center sale 2,900 High
    musicians friend stupid deal of the day 1,900 Medium
    guitar center used guitars 1,900 High
    ukulele store 1,900 High
    springfield Music 1,600 Low
    ukulele store near me 1,900 High
    instrument shop near me 1,000 Medium
    guitar center acoustic guitars 1,900 High
    buy ukulele 1,600 High
    piano shop near me 1,000 High
    guitar center drums 1,600 High
    instrument shop 880 Medium
    local music stores 1,300 Low
    guitar center microphone 1,900 High

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    Utilizing the Top SEO Keywords for Music Stores

    The key to ranking well when it comes to the top SEO keywords for music stores it falls within 7 key components.

    1. Making sure that your website is mobile-friendly, fast, and secure.

    2. Incorporating your SEO keyword into top search results related to music stores

    3. Optimizing your website’s content, title tags, headings, and meta descriptions for your keyword.

    4. Claiming and optimizing your Google My Business Profile completely.

    5. Claiming and filling out your local directly listings with the same consistent NAP (Name, Address Phone Number).

    6. Creating a key-phrase-optimized blog that contains high-quality content that is updated regularly.

    7. Using photos and videos in your text that have been properly optimized with your SEO keywords for music stores

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