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SEO Copywriting Tools Every Business Owner Should Know About

Writing content that is engaging, easy to find, and converts website traffic into paying customers is tough. At MarketKeep, the digital marketing agency for small businesses, we understand just how hard finding, developing, and optimizing SEO copy is. That is why we have compiled a list of 21 SEO copywriting tools that every business owner should know about.

These SEO copywriting tools can help you from keyword research to including compelling images in your text. As a result the content you create for your website should become more engaging and drive results for your business both online and in-store! 

SEO Copywriting Tools For Keyword Research

Creating content that is engaging and ranks well online all starts with the keywords you use. Understanding what your target audience searches online, and engages with is the first step to a powerful SEO content strategy. That all starts with identifying keywords that match your users’ search intent and drives traffic to your website.

No one knows exactly what their target audience is searching for at every moment, and with these SEO copywriting tools you won’t have to. Here is a collection of different SEO tools that will help you understand what your users are searching for online, and what content you should be creating around it.

1. Ahrefs 

One of our personal favorites, Ahrefs is a tool that allows you to look at what your competitors are doing online and helps to find successful content for topics related to your business and target audience. The main benefit of using Ahrefs is that it provides you with insight into each target keyword you want to rank for. For instance, it provides you with the following:

  • estimated search volume for your keyword
  • difficulty in ranking on the 1st page of SERPs
  • approximate cost-per-click if you choose a paid advertising campaign

2. Google Trends

When you need to find what your users are searching for just ask Google! This free tool will show you a number of items about your users and what they are searching for. Google trends provides you with critical information such as:

  • Trends in search volume over time
  • The popularity of keywords by geographical location
  • Related topics and search queries

Google trends is easy to use thanks to its visual charts and break downs of the information.

3. Google Search

If you want to cut to the chase, just Google it! Google will provide you with valuable insight into the thought process behind how your users search. Think about it. With Google Suggestions you can see search results for the following items:

  • People Also Ask
  • Search Suggestions
  • Searches Related to your search query

By performing your keyword research through Google Search you can easily identify what people are interested in and if your intended keyword will perform well online. 

4. Online Forums

Another great place to look for SEO content is by skimming online communities such as Quora or Reddit. These online forums are a goldmine for user content and will cover a lot of items related to your business. You can even respond directly to these forums and over time become a valuable expert on the site and grow your visibility online. 

SEO Copywriting Tools: Content Writing

Once you have selected your keywords you are ready to start writing! Here are a few SEO copywriting tools that will help with content writing. That way your blogs, articles, and website pages are polished and ready for publication.

1. Grammarly

A Godsend for SEO specialists. The Grammarly browser extension ensures that all of your content writing is error-free and grammatically correct. If you are someone who is constantly writing content online, this friendly little editing tool helps catch the little things. 

2. Hemingway App

A key element to content writing is making sure that you are speaking to your entire target audience. Remember that on average a website visitor reads at a middle school level. Therefore it is so important to simplify your content. It makes it easier for your users to digest the information and remember it moving forward. By using the Hemingway app you will be able to simplify your writing, helping you to reach a larger audience. 

3. Yoast SEO Plugin

True SEO professionals use the Yoast SEO plugin for their WordPress websites. Not only does this plugin guide you on how to rank. It also helps you create content that is easy to read online. 

As you write, Yoast will provide you with a break down of where your content can improve. It pays to be green! Make sure that before you publish content you have a green light for SEO and a green light for readability. 

4. Copyhackers

Ever just need an idea? Turn to Copyhackers! This online resource helps you look up simple writing tips and tricks to get the creative juices flowing! If you are looking for a Call to Action it can even provide you with a boost of inspiration! 

SEO Copywriting Tools: SEO Strenth

We create content online so that our target audiences can easily find it. The biggest piece to the puzzle is on-page SEO. How do we know if we are doing a good job optimizing our website pages? By ensuring that we have placed our keywords in the right places. These SEO copywriting tools guide you through turning your content into SEO worthly pieces. 

1. Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin is super easy to use, and one of the best when it comes to SEO. It will act as a checklist for creating content that is properly optimized. 

Make sure that before you publish your page or post that you get the green light of approval from Yoast. 

2. Ahrefs Blog

If you are new to SEO, or struggling with some tactics, turn to the Ahrefs Blog for help. Ahrefs has a ton of blogs that can help beginners and grizzly vets. 

3. Moz

Similar to Ahrefs, Moz is an SEO product that has a great blog with comprehensive guides and information. Written by experienced SEO professionals, the Moz Blog will guide you through the ins and outs of SEO. 

SEO Copywriting Tools: Finding Images

In order for your content to really pop you need high-quality images. Here is a quick list of the best and FREE places to find high-quality images online. 


  1. Burst by Shopify
  2. Pixabay
  3. Pexels
  4. Unsplash
  5. Flicker Creative Commons

SEO Copywriting Tools: Graphic Design

A big part of creating content that is easily found online is by pushing it out via a targeted social media campaign. In order for these images to really pop you are going to need to create infographics, featured images, and lots more online. Here are some great graphic design websites that will enhance your SEO copywriting skills. 


  1. Canva
  2. Stencil
  3. Crello 
SEO Copywriting Skills

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