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10 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategies That Work

For real estate agents that want to grow their presence online, social media is a great avenue to explore. The question becomes how do you effectively market yourself to potential home buyers and home sellers and what they want? Real Estate is an important financial an emotional decision that many people want to make sure they get right. That is why so often people rely on referrals or guidance from those who have recently gone through the process. Why is that? Because they want to work with an agent that protects their interests and helps them to navigate the complexities of the entire real estate process. Here are 10 real estate social media marketing strategies that work in helping to identify yourself as that process.

If applied correctly these real estate marketing strategies are a great way to open a conversation with potential clients, share advice, and forge an ongoing relationship with buyers, sellers, renters, and everyone in between!

The 10 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategies That Work

1. Promote the area not just the home

2. Be yourself

3. Educate home buyers

4. Engage with your followers

5. Respond to comments (both good and bad)

6. Don’t just post about your listings

7. Incorporate the power of video

8. Never assume you are only connecting with first-time home buyers

9. Don’t just talk about how great you are

10. Don’t ignore the people you have already helped

10 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategies That Work

1. Promote the area not just the home

Home buyers want to envision themselves not just in the home, but in the surrounding area. They evaluate not just the good, bad, and ugly about the home, but the area itself. Use your social media channels to highlight the market you serve, and letting them know the pros and cons of each neighborhood.

Find social media accounts about that particular city, town, or area and engage with them on social media. They may even engage with you, repost your content, and increase your followers by promoting you on their channel. Remember to post photos and videos of restaurants, schools, and popular destinations.

2. Be Yourself

Many realtors pay ghostwriters to write their own marketing content or try to re-create another agents process on their own page. This fails to give clients a sense of who you really are. Home buyers and sellers want to make a personal connection with those they do business with. Be yourself and be authentic in your social media content.

Let your personality shine through across each social media network you manage! It is a great way to open dialogue with a client before they ever reach out to you.

3. Educate Homebuyers 

As a real estate agent, I am sure you remember certain days where you learned a tough lesson or at least helpful lessons. Relieve those moments with your followers on social media so that they don’t make the same mistakes. Talk about common mistakes homebuyers make in the real estate process.

Social media is the perfect outlet for this. If you have a blog, consider writing real estate articles that focus on home-buying tips. Promote them using hashtags so that they can be found organically.

4. Engage with your followers

In today’s environment, consumers want an instant response. Be ready to respond quickly to any type of response you receive online, whether through an email, facebook message, or tweet!

5. Respond to comments, both the good and bad

Make sure to respond promptly to your followers online. Whether they are posting to your page or leaving a review. Also, acknowledge that you will be subject to criticism. Be sure to respond to your critics in a positive manner and try to move the conversation offline.


Social Media Habits to Avoid

6. Don’t just post about your listings

Of course, you should be mentioning your listings on social media, but don’t just let that be the only thing you post about. Think about common questions home buyers and sellers may have. Turn these into posts or videos. This helps to provide valuable content and keeps people coming back to your page.  

7. Make sure to use video

People today are always on the go, but they always have their phone in their hand. Think about including video into your social media marketing strategy. If done correctly video can create an emotional connection with your followers more so than just photos. 

YouTube is also a good platform that real estate agents should take advantage of. It also helps to improve your website’s ranking in search engines like google. A place where most home buyers and sellers start their online journey. 

8. Think beyond just the first-time home buyer

In a recent real estate study 36% of home buyers in the United States are 37 years old or younger. But on Facebook 80 million users today art 45 and older. Start thinking about those wishing to downsize or ready to look for a new home. Develop content that is suited for all levels of home buyers and serves them up to your fans and followers. You never know who may be reaching out! 

9. Don’t just talk about yourself

A post, link, photo, or tweet highlighting yourself may look great, but does it provide value? As a real estate agent committed to listening on social media versus talking. Pay attention to what people are saying about you and your brand. Gather feedback through polls and surveys. This will ensure that every piece of content you publish reflects the interests of your customers. 

10. Don’t ignore your existing clients

Make sure to invite previous buyers and sellers you have represented to join you on social media. That way your social media presence grows and becomes a community of shared experiences. At the end of the day, your previous clients are your greatest asset as a real estate agent. 

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategies

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