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Finding a Great SEO Company to Work With

According to Clutch.com there are over 17,353 agencies and companies that offer SEO services across the globe. Let’s face it, not all of those agencies or companies know what they are doing. And in a saturated marketplace like that, how do you find a great SEO company that is right for you?

Well if you know what to look for, the process is easier than you think. Not only that but knowing what to look for in an SEO company can make all the difference between making the right or wrong decision for such a critical component to your marketing strategy.

So what separates a great SEO company from the rest? What type of companies or agencies should you avoid? At MarketKeep, the digital marketing agency for small businesses, we have put together our list of items to look for in finding the right SEO company for you. Before we do that though, we need to establish what SEO looks like. In our opinion, a great SEO strategy should look something like this.

Increase in Search Rankings

Which leads to more organic website traffic

Increase in Organic Traffic

Which leads to more inquires and phone calls

Increase in Calls/Contact Forms

Increase in sales

Increase in Sales

Increase in revenue

So to us when you find a great SEO company to partner with the results should speak for themselves. You should see an increase in search traffic, and by increasing your search traffic you should see more phone calls/web leads, which translates to an increase in sales, which boosts your bottom line. Therefore to us, the benefits of an SEO company should always outweigh the negatives, but that is not always the case. Leading us into our 4 tips to look for when finding a great SEO company to work with. 


Tips for finding a great SEO Company

Their Sales team or account executives are SEO Experts too

During the sales process, it is the perfect time to uncover the expertise or lack thereof of a potential SEO Company. Try to get a sense of how well the entire team knows search engine optimization. Will you always be working with the account executive assigned to your case? What about the team that handles the day to day activities that go into your SEO Company? 

Their scope of work is crystal clear

A great SEO strategy is like a recipe. The directions are easy to follow, it includes a specific amount of ingredients, and produces a great outcome! During the sales process, you should be able to distinguish the difference between an SEO Company that offers a poor scope of work from a great SEO company that knows the exact path to take.

Beware of companies that offer a laundry list of SEO items. This list more often than not will include an exhaustive list of SEO buzzwords and marketing gimmicks designed to entice you. While it is meant to impress, it is actually a lazy approach and shows their lack of background work into your website.

Instead, look for an SEO company that has a clear internal process to keep its operation efficient and profitable. They have clear timelines designed to keep your business moving forward. They provide you with a comprehensive explanation of your strategy and scope of work cut out. 

Their strategy makes you money

Beware of the 1st-page guarantee company. While it is not difficult to get a website page to the 1st page of Google, it is difficult to get a business-impacting keyword on the 1st page. 

Look for an SEO company that will help you find keywords related to your business that will make an impact. A great SEO company will use data to build an outcome that works for your business. They will gather information such as historical performance of keywords, anticipated conversion rates, and goals to create a scope of work.

Their customers are their best salespeople

When evaluating potential SEO companies, look at their verified reviews online to determine their ability. Find reviews on Google, Facebook, and other websites to get a sense of their ability to perform. If you can try and speak with at least two references they provide you with, to get a better sense of their work ethic, communication, and performance. 

Finding a Great SEO Company

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