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Instagram Post Ideas for Business: First Why Instagram?

Simply put, using Instagram is a powerful and affordable way to grow your company and connect with customers. With Instagram, you can reach new customers, stay connected with existing ones, and even make sales right from the app itself! All of which makes it the perfect platform for marketing your small. That is why we here at MarketKeep, the digital marketing agency for small businesses has post together Instagram Post Ideas for Business that will help you achieve all of these goals, and stay ahead of the curb when it comes to interacting with your customers.

Instagram Post Ideas for Business: Hashtags to Use

Monday Hashtags


Feeling a bit down after the weekend? People use this hashtag to share ways to counteract feeling melancholy on Mondays. Popular content to share includes everything from humorous pictures of grumpy animals to images of people drinking a huge mug of coffee or something a bit stronger.


Content with these tags offers motivational advice or inspiration. People typically post inspiring quotes, life lessons, feel-good stories, or health and fitness specific content.


Carpe Diem! Seize the Day and the week ahead! Fire up the troops and get everyone motivated through sharing inspiring quotes, life lessons, feel-good stories and more!

Tuesday Hashtags


Do you run a restaurant, winery, or are a local chef? Use this hashtag to share all the delicious meals and dishes you have cooked up for customers along the way, as well as a sneak peek of what is on the menu.


This is a great hashtag to share all the latest gadgets your business sells, or the trends in the digital world making waves. you can give reviews on the technology you use, offer cool tips and hacks, or just show off your #techgear.


This hashtag is a way for people to give helpful tips on pretty much any topic. Use this hashtag if you have some industry-specific advice you would like to share. For example, if you are a plumber share a helpful tip about fixing that running toilet.


This is a great opportunity to focus your posts on just one specific topic for the day. It can be related to anything within your business, your industry, or something that is trending online.


A popular hashtag to show how far a person or business has come. Make sure to take advantage of this hashtag!


Something to take people’s minds off work or the stresses of life. Use this hashtag to inspire your followers with shots of scenery, contests, or advice. You can also share photos of local landmarks,  or beautiful shots of the area.

Wednesday Hashtags


A classic hashtag to celebrate (thanks Geico) this celebratory hashtag sparks the halfway point of the work week. Use this opportunity to celebrate accomplishments your business has made, or things you are looking forward to.


Who says you have to wait for #TBT? Every day can be nostalgic.


To keep people positive and to help them stay motivated, share something that people will be grateful for or post a photo of a memorable moment.


Share some wisdom on Wednesdays. #WednesdayWisdom is a popular hashtag amount thought leaders and business experts, so it is a great way to join in and share your industry knowledge. 

Thursday Hashtags


Show some love to your customers, clients, and coworkers on Thankful Thursdays. 

#ThrowbackThursday #TBT

A social media trend where people post old images typically of themselves or their business during a certain period in their lives. Consider posting old photos of your industry, team, business, or product. #TBT is an alternative hashtag to use for this. 


This hashtag provides you with an opportunity to share your company’s thoughts on a trending topic within your industry, or simply a piece of insight. Make sure to think of knowledge worth sharing and ideas worth spreading. 


Have an event or meeting planned for a Thursday? Be sure to share it on Instagram with the hashtag #Thursdate

Friday Hashtags


Share a story or message about someone overcoming a challenge. It could be a teammate, client, customer, or a popular role model. This is a great way to showcase your entrepreneurial spirit! 


Similar to #throwbackthursday or #MondayMemories, #FlashbackFriday is all about sharing old photos of yourself, your business, or your customers. 


#FollowFriday is a trend on social media where you recommend that a person follows one or more accounts that you admire. Like any decent referral make sure you give a reason as to why you should be following them. 


People use this hashtag when sharing factual information like stats, definitions, or news on Friday. You can use this hashtag to share facts about your business or industry. 

#FridayFun, #Friyay, #FridayVibes

#FridayFun posts are all about celebrating the beginning of the weekend. Share upcoming events, weekend plans, and fun activities to try!

Saturday Hashtags


This is a great opportunity to show off your products or showcase other products that your business supports. You can also hold contests with your followers to build engagement. 


Does your business feature fashion? #SaturdayStyle is a great way to show off your best styling techniques, products, and success stories. 


Use the hashtag #ShoutoutSaturday to highlight your most engaging followers, customers, clients, or a hardworking team member.

Sunday Hashtags


Highlight an up and coming business that you have a good working relationship with or share some insight into how your business got its start.


Share your favorite workouts or fitness tricks you use to stay healthy and feel motivated. 


This is a great chance to share some of the books that have helped you grow your business, or maybe you just want to share some of your favorite recent reads.

Instagram Post Ideas for Business: How to new hashtags

The first step to engaging with your customers is to find the right hashtags. If you are just starting out try focusing on smaller, highly-targeted hashtags to start building your engagement level and the number of followers for your business account. Here are some popular websites that you can use to start your research.



All Hashtag


Instagram Post Ideas for Business

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