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How to advertise a new business on social media effectively

Social media marketing has become an absolute must for marketers. Of all the new ways to advertise to your customer base, social media has become the go-to in regards to customer engagement and return on investment. Customers and businesses can interact directly, ask questions, and even purchase products through various social media platforms. So that is why we here at MarketKeep have decided to write a blog called, “how to advertise a new business on social media effectively.”

How to advertise a new business on social media? Choose the right platform

When you advertise a new business on social media, nothing is more important than choosing the right platform. There is no shortage of social media sites on which to share your content, but you need to find the ones your customers engage with the most. When determining which channels to choose, conduct some research to determine what sites your audience probably use the most. Research your competitors, see what channels they use, and see how you can use them better.

How to advertise a new business on social media? Create a calendar

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation – Zig Ziglar

Stop wasting your energy scrambling to create social media posts at the last minute. This will only lead to low-quality content and in return low-quality engagement. By creating a social media content calendar you can help avoid mistakes and start generating more effective posts. Content calendars can also help you create goals, strategies to meet those goals, and the ability to track your progress.

Make a social media calendar for each channel you plan to use. Create your posts well in advance, research your hashtags, create your trackable links, optimize your images, and away you go!

How to advertise a new business on social media?

Provide Value

 Providing your customer’s value is the most important thing that you can do. Creating something that your audience will find useful creates a lasting impression and creates immediate value. 

Providing value attracts the right customers to your business, makes people want to follow you on social media sites, and helps spread the word about your business. Master this simple step to social media marketing, and you will have created the most important way to advertise a new business on social media. Have your customers carry the message.

How to advertise a new business on social media?

Have your customers be your sales people

When you provide value, you build a community worth sharing. Focus on building an engaged audience. Don’t try to immediately build a following of 10,000 users. Are those users really going to be that engaged with you anyway? Find people that are likely going to repost your content, share your posts, and become loyal customers. 

When you build a community of followers around your business, people will want to be a part of it. Try reaching out to social media influencers to start building your community, join online forums, and use relevant hashtags within your target audience.

How to advertise a new business on social media?

Paid Advertising

When you are just starting out, paying for advertising may be an unattainable goal. When you do have enough money to put aside for paid advertising, do it. At MarketKeep, we recommend Facebook and Instagram.

Advertising on Facebook

Boosting a Facebook Post – You should use this objective if your goal is to get additional engagement (likes, shares, and comments) on a post you have already created. A great time to boost a post would be when you create a Testimonial Post or you have a hot item that is flying off the shelves!

Promote Your Page – Use this objective if your goal is to get more likes on your Facebook Page. Small Business Owners most often try this when they are just starting out, and would like to increase their followers and engagement level.

Generate More Leads – You should use this objective if your goal is to get more customer contacts and find new customers. Leads often times can incorporate names and email addresses so make sure you have an email marketing campaign ready to roll. If you to create an email marketing account we recommend either MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Semi – Advanced Types of Facebook Ads for Small Businesses

Get More Website Visitors – You should use this objective if your goal is to get more people to visit your website. This goal is pretty self-explanatory.

Promote Your Business Locally – You should use this objective if your goal is to increase awareness of your local business near your storefront. So for example, if you have just opened up, you should run Facebook Ads that promote your business within a 5 to a 10-mile radius around your store. Let people know you are there!

Promote Your Call-to-Action Button – You should use this objective if your goal is to get people to click your Page’s call-to-action button. Remember you will need a call-to-action button set up on your Facebook Page. If you do not you will not see this form of advertising as an option.

Advanced Types of Facebook Ads for Small Businesses

Get More Website Purchases – You should use this objective if your goal is to get people to purchase products on your website. This form of promotion is only available to advertisers who have successfully set up a Facebook pixel. If you have not set up a Facebook Pixel you, try using the Get More Website Visitors option instead.

Promote Your App – You should use this objective if your goal is to encourage people to download your businesses’ app. Again this function is only available to advertisers who have linked their app to their ad account. 

Get a Custom Advertising Plan – If you need help figuring out your business goals and the corresponding ad objective contact a MarketKeep team member. We would be happy to help create a custom advertising plan to help grow your business through Facebook Advertising.

Advertising on Instagram

Use Instagram Stories – Complement your Instagram feed content with ads on Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories can allow you to connect with the 500M+ accounts that use Instagram Stories daily. Here are the basic guidelines for advertising on Stories:

File Type – .mp4, .mov for video and .jpg or .png for photo

Maximum File Size – 4GB for video and 300MB for photo

Video Length – 120 seconds, images show for 5 seconds by default

Dimensions – 1080 x 1920 for video and 600 x 1067 for photo

Photo Ads – Tell the world about your business, through photo ads. These simple, clean, and beautiful canvases can be formatted into a shape or landscape format. 

Video Ads – Get the same visually immersive quality as photo ads – with the added power of sight, sound, and motion. You can also share videos up to 60 seconds long in landscape or square format. Perfect for providing value and building a community.

Carousel Ads – Bring another layer of depth to campaigns where people can swipe to view additional photos or videos in a single ad.

Collection Ads – You can use collections to inspire and help your audience discover, browse, and purchase products. An integrated story by incorporating products or lifestyle through video, images, or both. 

How to advertise a new business on social media 2

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