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How long does it take Google To Index A New Site?

If you are a small business owner who has recently redesigned their website you may be anxious to see how quickly your website redesign will drum up new business. You have developed a responsive website, selected the right keywords for SEO, and have created a website worth engaging on. Now the question becomes, how long does it take Google to index a new site?

The answer is that it takes Google between 4 days to 4 weeks to index a new site.

How websites are crawled and indexed by Google

Google’s index is handled by its search algorithm and bots such as the Googlebot. Googlebots run constantly and turn the endless amount of digital data into over 100,000,000 gigabytes of index. This allows Google to create a virtual map of the internet. So how does a Googlebot work?

1. Googlebot, the algorithm-equipped web crawling digital robot sets out to explore the Internet and stops at websites along its journey.

2. When it encounters a new site or a change to an existing site it reads the information on the website according to instructions outlined in the site’s robots.txt file. Bots like Googlebot prefer to read the text and follow links because it allows them to find more information.

3. The content the bot discovers and what the content contains is sent back to servers at Google, where it is added to the database.

4. Information in the database is fed to computer programs that keep track of which sites should be crawled, how often bots should visit them, and the number of pages to fetch.

5. Other programs determine the relevance and value of the content on crawled sites and reward the ones that meet Google’s criteria for ranking near the beginning of search results.

Can I make Google Index Faster?

A question we receive often is, “is there a way to make the Google Index process faster? The answer? Yes! Taking certain steps to signal to Google that you have a new website helps to lower the range of 4 days to 4 weeks. Below are some steps you can take to help make sure that your website is visible and will stand out to a Googlebot. 

In order to have your site indexed faster by Google make sure to do the following:

Provide Value – Produce content with text that a Googlebot can crawl quickly. 

Ease of Use – Make sure that your website has a high ratio of text to code in favor of text.

Navigation – Make sure to include a navigation bar that links to all of the major and permanent content on the website.

Real Language – Use URLs on web addresses and alt text on images that help explain what the website is about. 

Simplicity – Try to minimize Javascript or code the Javascript to load after the HTML.

Direction – Check your robots.txt to see if it will allow the Googlebot to crawl your website properly. 

By following these basic tips, you are unlocking the easy path to search engine optimization. 

Other Ways to Speed Up the Index Process

Set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free comprehensive web analytics tool that helps to collect, organize, and understand your website traffic data. By connecting Google Analytics to your website you are signaling to Google that you are serious about your website and building a presence online. 

Set up the Search Console

The lesser-known, but just as important tool, Google Search Console provides you with in-depth information about how your website will appear in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

Submit a Sitemap

Create a sitemap for your website which is a rough outline of your site optimized for bots. You need to submit your sitemap through your Google Search Console Account.

Google Fetch and Render

You can ask Google to manually send a bot out to your website via the Fetch & Render Option. 

Get Links

Establishing links to your website before it is indexed creates another pathway to your site on a website that Google is already crawling. 

Start Guest Blogging on High-Quality Websites

Being a guest blogger on an influencer website such as Forbes.com or Huffington Post is a great way to start generating high-quality links back to your website. The added bonus to becoming a guest blogger is that Google will start to index your website faster, and it also gets your name out to an audience that might not find you organically.

Submit Your Website or Webpage Manually

Another quick and easy way to speed up the indexing process is by submitting your website or weblink directly to search engines. You can accomplish this by submitting your weblink to your Google Search Console or by using a free program such as Entireweb. This will help you to save time and money while increasing the possibility of getting ranked higher in search engines. 

Link to the page from already ranking pages

Want Google to recognize your new web page faster? Create a link to it by linking from an existing website page that already ranks well. This will help Google scan, crawl, and rank your page faster.

Get people to talk about it

An easy way to get the word out about your new page is to have influencers in your field talk about it! Have them share your new website page on their social media channels, and encourage Click Throughs to your website!

Draft a press release

A press release with links to your new website page is a great way for Google to index your website page quickly. It also serves as an added opportunity to inform your followers about other updates or changes to your company. 

Start Posting in Online Forums

Get social! Engage in forums on WordPress, Reddit, and Quora and distribute your website throughout them! This helps Google and other search engines to notice your website faster.

Share Your Content on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to grow your audience and your website traffic is through social media. Highlighting your content through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn adds benefit to any company in today’s digital first world. 

How long does it take Google to index a new site?

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