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Growing an Instagram Business Account the Right Way

Growing an Instagram business account the right way requires a lot of work, dedication, and tons of creativity. That is not to say however that it cannot be done. In order to be successful at growing an Instagram business account, you must research, strategize, and have a consistent execution plan that will effectively reach your target audience and engage with them. Whether you are just starting your business, or are a business 10 years in the making everyone should be investing in their Instagram account. Why? Because Instagram can be a great lead generator for future sales, inquiries, and a platform for building customer loyalty.

Here are a few times we here at MarketKeep, the small business digital marketing agency, would like to give you to help breath some new life into your Instagram strategy and build content that resonates with each of your customers to ensure that as your business grows your customers grow with you.

Tip #1: Be Versatile. Show Lots of Content

Instagram is a visual tool that showcases your business or brand. Don’t limit yourself to one thing. The key to running a successful Instagram account is to showcase everything about your business. From the latest products to the employees behind the counter. Your Instagram account is a window into your business. 

As a small business owner, think of all the different audiences that you are trying to reach. Think about the type of content that would like to focus on. Build content that will resonate with each of them to ensure that you are growing an Instagram following that aligns with your goals. 

Tip #2: Engagement is Key

Instagram is a community platform that is built for engagement. Engagement in communities, with individuals, and with different cultures. Prioritizing engaging with your network is a pivotal step in growing your Instagram following organically. Make sure to tag people in posts and Instagram stories so that your community can engage with, and re-share your content whenever possible.

Tip #3: Post consistently

People often mistake this for posting often such as multiple times a day, but the best approach is to just be consistent. The best way to build your Instagram is by knowing where your audience is and what time they are most likely to engage with your work. So make sure you are posting consistently, and trying to post at different times. This is a great first step into starting to analyze the performance of your Instagram posts. 

Platforms such as Hootsuite, Social Studio, and Later are great places to schedule your posts well in advance. That way you can ensure you are always posting on the platform even when business gets in the way. Find a system that works best for you by measuring your post analytics, and remember to stick with it!

Tip #4: Post seasonal content and keep up to date on trends

Want to stay engaged with your core audience? Make sure to reach them at the times that matter most to them, and with the content that matters to them. That means living in the moment. Posting seasonal content is a great way to ensure that you are sharing the most relevant and engaging content with your customers. So in the spring avoid posting pictures of the fall or winter.

And remember to stay on top of trends within social media. Make sure to stay on top of the trending hashtags, and the types of content that is popular at the moment. Engaging in trending topics is the best way to get your content seen by the maximum amount of people possible. 

Tip #5: Be creative in your #captions 

A caption is the best way to maximize an opportunity. It’s the last, final emotional pull that you have to get an audience’s attention to the content you are creating. Take time to think of creative captions that are relevant to the image you are sharing, and the type of business you operate. Think of how you would want your audience to feel when they view your image and describe it. A caption is a great way to ask your audience questions and engage with them even further beyond the image itself. 

Growing A Instagram Business Account

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