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6 Small Business Google Analytics Reports you Need to Read

As small business owners we understand that we need to use Google Analytics to figure out if our website is performing well and attracting new visitors to our site, but do we know what else to look at? How else can we utilize Google Analytics to power our business and make informed decisions? At MarketKeep, the digital marketing agency for small businesses, we have outlined 6 small business Google Analytics Reports you need to read to make sure you are doing everything you can to grow your business online.

6 Small Business Google Analytics Reports

Traffic Acquisition Report

The Traffic Acquisition Report from Google Analytics provides small business owners with information regarding where your users are coming from. This report is helpful because it can help you identify questions such as:

  • is my website traffic coming all from one source?
  • Are there ways to generate even more traffic from particular sources?
  • Do I need to diversify and find more ways to generate website traffic?
6 Small Business Google Analytics Reports

Source Medium Report 

We are all investing our marketing dollars into paying for online advertisements and SEO services. So how do we figure out if it is working or not? The source medium report from Google is how! This report provides you with the information you need to determine what is working for your business and what needs to be adjusted. 

Use this report to determine which sources of traffic are generating leads and sales so that you can make informed decisions about how to best adjust your marketing budget. 

6 Small Business Google Analytics Reports

Mobile Performance Report

Over 60% of all searches are conducted on smartphones or mobile devices. That is a lot of mobile searches. How can you tell if your website is performing well with mobile? The mobile performance report from Google Analytics. It will tell you how much traffic you are getting from mobile devices, how long the traffic is staying on your website, how many pages they are visiting, and whether or not that traffic is converting into leads or sales. 

Search Console Report (formerly the SEO Reports)

The search console report from Google Analytics provides your small business with information about how people are reaching your website through Google’s search engine results. There are three types of reports you want to be aware of when looking at your search console report. 

  • Landing Pages Report – the landing pages report shows which pages of your website are showing up in Google’s search results and helps to identify which webpages are ranking well and which pages need a bit more work.
  • Devices Report – The devices report shows how people are getting to your website and is very similar to your mobile report which we mentioned above.
  • Queries – The queries report shows which Google searches resulted in the most impressions for your website. You can also see how many of those impressions results in clicks, which were organic, and what the Click Through Rate was.

Google Ads Reports

This report only applies to your business if you are running Google Ads. This report shows you both your ad clicks and your bounce rate (how often people leave your site after viewing just one page). This information can be used to evaluate different ad copy and see which ads are driving more engaged visitors. This report can also show the different campaigns, treemaps, sitelinks, keywords, search queries, and popular times people visited your site.  

Small Business Google Analytics Reports

Social Media Reports

Social Media Advertising is a great opportunity to generate traffic to your website and leads to your business in a cost-effective manner. However, keeping up a strong social media campaign can be very time-consuming. That is where utilizing your social media reports from Google Analytics comes into play. With your Social Media Reports you can see how visitors from all social channels interact with your website, focus on trends & stats from specific social media channels, and much more.

In conclusion: Small Business Google Analytics Reports

There is so much more to Google Analytics than just looking at the home screen of your account. By running the reports we mentioned above, you are providing your small business with valuable insight into what is working on your website and what needs to be improved. 

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