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At the center of every great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is the keyword. Successful SEO relies on finding keywords that have high enough volume to attract visitors to your website while not having too much competition for it! Yet with more and more small business owners investing in their search engine optimization finding these keywords is getting to become increasingly difficult. That is why we here at MarketKeep, the small business digital marketing agency, have come up with a list of the top tools to find your competitor’s keywords. 

These tools quickly scan your competitor’s website and generate data to let you know what their SEO keywords are and what kind of competition you can expect for them. Keyword research is critical for your business, and you should have a budget for it, but many small business owners need to spend their money wisely. That is why all of these tools to find your competitor’s keywords are free! Some of them, of course, have upsells within them, but their free versions are just as great. 

The tools to find your competitor’s keywords

1. SEOBook

SEOBook has a handful of tools that are both excellent and free. The SEOBook keyword scraper allows you to generate keyword lists and clean up existing lists for your SEO strategy. When you plug in a list you can scan various metrics for each keyword such as monthly search volume, daily search volume, and ranking ability. As an added bonus everything can be exported as a CSV so you can manipulate the data in other programs or store it on your computer. 


2. SEMRush

SEMRush has a free search on a limited basis that can show you lots of information. Start by typing in a keyword and seeing the data it can bring. SEMRush provides you with organic search volume, Paid Search Volume, and the competition for each keyword. It can also include phrase matches and related keywords in its report. With the free version of SEMrush you are limited to 10 searches per day so make sure to use the program wisely. 


3. Moz Keyword Explorer

Primarily a paid service, there are some features of the Moz Keyword Explorer that are free. You plug in a keyword and it will give you the keyword volume, difficulty, opportunity metrics, potential analysis, as well as SERP analysis and keyword suggestions. Moz Paid services are highly recommended within the SEO world so if you are going to pay for an SEO tool, Moz is a great way to go!


4. KWFinder

Keyword Finder is another excellent tool for finding your competitor’s keywords. The free version allows you to type in a keyword, location, and language and it will provide you with keyword suggestions, trends, search volume, CPC, PPC, and a difficulty estimate. Talk about a lot of information & important data! 


5. Search Engine Genie

A simple tool that works great for benchmarking purposes. Search Engine Genie requires you to insert your URL, target keyword, region, and it polls Google looking for your URL in search for that keyword and pulls your position! It is a great way to see where you rank online and where your competitors rank online. 


6. SERPS Keyword Rank Checker

Similar to Search Engine Genie with just a few more advanced options. You can actually see where your website ranks of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can even use this tool to see where your competitors rank. 


7. Wordsream’s Keyword Tool

Each user has a limit of 30 free searches. You can view your competitor’s keywords but the downside is that you can only get limited information from it. 


8. Keyword Tool

The Keyword tool is a simple fremium keyword tool. This is a great tool to pull keyword suggestions because they are based on search volume, CPC results, and AdWords competition. This is a great tool to use to find your competitor’s keywords. 


9.  The Google Keyword Planner

You can’t expect us to create a list of tools to view your competitor’s keywords without mentioning the Google Keyword Planner, could you? It is Google’s Official SEO tool anyway! You do need an active Google Adwords account to use it, but again you don’t have to pay for the keyword planner. 



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