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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales

Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales

Yesterday MarketKeep talked about creating a website marketing strategy for your online store and in particular we talked about analyzing your e-commerce site for beginners and measuring analytics for customer acquisition efficiency. In part two of this post we will talk about scaling for growth, and an in-depth look at marketing campaigns such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Email Marketing, and how these can help your E-commerce Marketing Strategy. So let’s get started on developing a digital marketing strategy to increase sales.

Scaling For Growth


after analyzing your e-commerce site and customer acquisition efficiency the next step is scaling for growth. This can always be a scary time for business owners because you are beginning to invest more in your marketing strategy, and you are hoping that it pays off. If you have measured steps 1 and steps 2 correctly, you should have nothing to worry about! When scaling for growth there are a few things you should keep in mind.


  • What are the number of transactions on a weekly basis?
    • Online versus in-store
  • What is the average transaction value?
    • Online versus in-store
  • How many unique visitors are you getting to the website on a weekly basis?
  • What is the revenue month to month and is it trending up or down?


Utilizing SEO as a Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales


SEO can be a great tool for your e-commerce website. With that being said it is important to remember that even with a large investment Search Engine Optimization takes time. You need at least 6 to 12 months of long hard work in order for it to work properly. With that being said below is a list of questions you should ask yourself when developing an SEO strategy.


  • What are keywords you would like to rank for?
  • What is your current ranking position for each keyword?
  • What is the bounce rate for your website currently?
  • What is the conversion rate for your website currently?


Utilizing SEM for your E-commerce Marketing Strategy


While SEO can take a long time before you start seeing results, SEM can be immediate. Take into account how this can help you get to the top page of Google! Here are some items you should consider when investing in a SEM campaign.


  • What would you like your Click Through Rate to Be?
    • You should be willing to pay enough for web traffic, but not enough that it hinders your CPA
  • What are you willing to spend for each customer that purchases?
    • In order to find this number look at your average order value and your average margin on that purchase? Are you willing to spend that or just a bit less?


Utilizing Email Marketing for your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy


The last platform we will look at is e-mail marketing. E-mail Marketing is a great way to engage with your current customer base, as well as encouraging perspective customers to join. Below are some questions you should consider asking yourself when developing an e-mail marketing strategy.


  • What is the number of email subscribers you currently have?
  • What is the average number of sales from each email blast?
  • What is the current conversion rate of visitors to subscribers?
  • What is the current open rate?
  • What is the current rate at which people unsubscribe from your list?


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