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The Top Questions For Freelance Website Designers

When it is time to develop a new website for your business, finding a website designer is generally your top priority. If you choose correctly the process can be seamless, if not you may never want to redesign your website again. Take some time to properly evaluate each freelance website designer you come in contact, and take into account what you like and dislike about each. In order to do so, we at MarketKeep have put together a list of the top questions for freelance website designers that helps to separate the good from the bad. 

Question #1: What are the most important items you need for a website design?

This question is designed to provide you with some insight into the website designer’s thought process and capabilities. A good freelance website designer does not jump blindly into any website design. They will ask questions such as:

  • what isn’t working on your current website?
  • who is the target audience for this project?
  • what are you trying to optimize your website for?

Question #2: How do you set and handle deadlines?

A two-part question that helps you understand their website design process, and their ability to handle the pressure. Freelance Website Designers worth working with are thorough and thoughtful. They should also be able to prioritize and deliver results under pressure. 

Question #3: How do you star the website site and how involved am I expected to be? 

This question lets the designer show you how they approach their work. Look for evidence that a candidate thinks hard about the problem they are trying to solve, and are committed to seeing the design through to the end. You also want to make sure that as a client you have opportunities to review their work and provide feedback. After all it is your website! 

Question #4: Are they flexible in their design? 

This question will shed some light into whether they design templated websites and/or incorporate current design trends into their work. Good prospects should be up-to-date on the latest design trends and able to articulate how they use those trends in the work they create. 

Question #5: What milestones are important to you? 

Again this question highlights their website design process. Experienced website designers should feel comfortable committing to milestones so that you can make sure you are on the same page. It also provides you with an opportunity to check their work and stagger payments moving forward. 

Milestones are a great way to help with larger website designs. That is because it breaks up the design process into smaller pieces and you can pay off the website design over time. 

Question #6: How to do respond to feedback from a client? 

Website design is all about give and take. When a client offers you feedback, how do you incorporate it into the design? This question also helps you find someone capable of solving design problems and issues. Great designers are not resistant to changes and mature designs appreciate and incorporate constructive feedback into their design process. 

Question #7: Can you provide me with an example of when you disagreed with a client on a project? 

Freelance website designers who are experienced should be able to defend or support their work in a professional way. You want website designers who believe enough in their work but are not difficult to work with. 

Question #8: How do you design with website performance in mind? 

The right freelance website designer for you will be responsible not only for a good looking website but one that performs well as too. Your website designer should mention that they will compress images to reduce load time. They will also mention their ability to make sure your website loads properly on a mobile phone. 

Good website designers also make talking about working directly with you or your team and communicating frequently during the implementation process.

Questions for freelance website designers

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