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What is Google Guaranteed?

What is Google Guaranteed?

If you have been searching on Google recently for a particular service like a roofer, plumber or pest control company you may have noticed a few boxes appearing at the top of the page with some reviews, showing potential customers that this business is a Google Guaranteed business. But what is Google guaranteed exactly? A Google guarantee badge helps your business build a solid reputation online and encourages customers to click on your pay-per-click ads. If you are not already using them to bolster your online search performance you may want to consider them a part of your strategy moving forward.

What Does The Google Guarantee Do?

Google established the Google Guarantee program to help businesses build trust with their intended target audience. The program itself is only available to businesses that already have an existing Google Adwords strategy and pass the guidelines (which are extensive) to become a partner. Once qualified your business will be granted a Google Guarantee badge which you can use in your Adwords Strategies. The benefit for consumers is that if they are unsatisfied with your services for any reason they may be reimbursed by Google with a $ 2,000-lifetime cap. 

How Do I Register? 

In order to sign up for the Google Guaranteed program, your company must be a legitimate business that uses Google Adwords and then follows these simple steps. 

  1. Sign up for local services ads
  2. Complete the background check information
  3. Complete the license and insurance verification process

Once you have completed all of these steps you will be able to start using your Google Guarantee badge.

What Impact Will This Have On My Business? 

The benefits to the program itself do apply to both business owners and customers alike. For businesses, you will be able to further build your reputation online with Google’s endorsement. Customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of work you perform will be covered by Google directly. For customers, it provides them with a sense of trust and credibility since your work will be insured. 

Need Help Applying? 

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