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MarketKeep designs custom-built law firm websites that connect you with clients online, increase your online presence, and are designed to track, analyze, and interpret the behaviors of the people visiting your website. 

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The Tools We Use To Build Law Firm Websites

Custom Designs

No two law firms are the same, so neither should your website. All of our website designs are built to custom fit your needs, and the needs of your clients.


Our websites are built on the most powerful CMS system online. Making for easy backend management & responsive design.

Keyword Research

Each page of your website is carefully constructed to maximize user engagement and conversions for your site. Generating traffic, leads, and clients that is the goal of each website we design.


Each of our websites are designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind so potential clients can find you as soon as your site goes live.


We make sure that you see the results early and often. We connect your website to your Google Analytics Account and set up custom reports for complete transparency.

Customer Support

A website design with MarketKeep comes with a one-year customer support program in place, providing you peace of mind. Know that if a provide ever does arise, we will fix it within a few minutes.

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Why work with MarketKeep

A Honest Website Design Company

When you partner with us, we understand that there is a trust factor established. We are transparent in our designs, and your expectations. No hidden agendas, just honest web designs, from honest people.

Quick Turnarounds

Our team prides ourselves on offering quick turnarounds with our websites. Most websites take between 3 to 5 days to complete. That means when we start your website design we can get it live within a week!

We Get Small Business

MarketKeep is geared for small businesses and start-ups because we started as a small business. That is why we design websites that are not just stunning in design but also stunning in producing results. 

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How Long Does a Website Design Take?

MarketKeep prides itself on a quick turnaround! Most clients can expect to have a new site within 3 to 5 days of us starting the website design process. If we are starting from scratch, it generally takes us 2 weeks to complete.

Why Work with MarketKeep?

As a small business ourself we understand how critical it is to have a successful website. We want to build a website that produces results. So when you work with us you will get a stunning website, that is optimized for search results!

Do you outsource the work?

Nope, every website design is completed in-house by the MarketKeep website design team.

Do you offer support?

Of course! Each website design comes with one year of free support attached to it! So if you ever run into issues, or have questions we will pick up the phone or answer the email to help solve the problem.

The Best Law Firm Websites Are Client Focused

If you are wondering what separates the best law firm websites from others, it is pretty simple. They are geared to serve their clients needs. If you want a website that increases leads, delivers new clients, and represents your law firm, here are six items we commonly see in each of the top law firm websites.

1. Your website needs to be found online – According to a recent study published by the Search Engine Journal, the first organic search result gets about 32.5% of clicks for the keyword searched. In the same report of all website traffic, 91.5% of searches only visit websites on the first page of Google Search Results. So when designing a new website for your law firm, make sure that you can be found online.

2. Law Firm Websites must be mobile friendly – Did you know that 56% of all online legal searches happen on a mobile device? Did you also know that Google has changed its search engine algorithm to rank websites that have been optimized for mobile searches higher than traditional sites? 

3. Law Firm Websites should have an SSL Certificate – An SSL certificate is another ranking factor when it comes to your SEO presence online. So when designing a website for your law firm, make sure it incorporates an SSL Certificate. 

4. Make sure your website loads fast – 36% of people surveyed in a recent SEO report state that they will leave a website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. So when you design a website, design a fast one!

5. Optimize for the user – It can be easy to think that you should build a website based off of what Google wants, but please try to avoid that temptation. Make sure to consider what your clients would be looking for and build around that instead. Bounce Rate and Time Spent on Site are two hugely important factors in your SEO ranking, and that can only be controlled by your clients!

6. Your website needs to have great content – If you want your law firm to rank online, make sure that you provide great content! Become an authoritative figure in your field by creating a YouTube Channel, writing blogs, or by becoming a guest blogger! 

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Design your new website for your law firm today.