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Understanding Instagram for Business

Understanding Instagram for Business depends on how you are looking to use Instagram for your business. The strategy you implement varies based on the type of business you have, and the goals you are looking to accomplish. For instance some goals you could have are the following: increasing the number of followers, converting followers into leads or customers, or simply continuing down the path of becoming a lovable brand.

In this blog post MarketKeep is going to show you the ins and outs of using Instagram for business, and how you can set up, grow, and optimize your Instagram Strategy!

Determining your goals as a business

The first step into launching a successful instagram account, is determining your goals as a business. Are you looking to showcase the internal company structure, or are you simply trying to build brand awareness? By asking yourself these questions what you are doing is figuring out if Instagram is going to be a part of your lead generation strategy, or brand awareness strategy. In the end though what Instagram does best, is that it will humanize your business.


Understanding Instagram for Business with MarketKeep

Steps to understanding Instagram for business

In order to have a successful Instagram strategy make sure that you do the following

  • Create a recognizable username for your business
  • Make your profile public
  • Add the full business name under the “Name” Section in settings
  • Add links to your website in your bio
  • Always tag the location in photos
  • Post relevant and inclusive content
  • Customize your posts with filters, tags, links, and hashtags.
  • Use high-quality photos
  • Always be sure to include call-to-actions in your photographs


Looking for content to post on Instagram?

Whether you are just starting out, or looking to grow the number of followers you have here are nine different ideas you can use to help grow your Instagram base

  • Post pictures of food
  • Product-Centric Photos
  • Post Customer-centric photos
  • Post Employee-centric photos
  • Post photos of your business at work or in the field
  • Post motivational posts (you can do it!)
  • Post videos or boomerangs
  • Giveaways or contents
  • Guest takeovers


Need to post a lot in one day?

Instead of over posting on your Instagram account, look to Instagram Stories as a way to tell your story. Instagram stories is about posting quick, transient moments without worrying about over-posting. These stories live at the top of your newsfeed and only last for about 24 hrs. They are a terrific way to showcase events, or promotions in a quick and easy manner!

Value of Instagram

The value of Instagram can be found in your Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights provides you with information such as the total number of impressions your business has made on its followers in the last seven days, the number of impressions your business has made on the general public in the last seven days, and even the best times to post!

By utilizing Instagram Insights you can start to craft your message online, and begin to understand how you can better connect with your audience online!


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