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Do, Know, & Go: Types of Online Searches

One of the most important elements to building an online marketing strategy around SEO is your ability to understand your audience. That is why MarketKeep has broken down the average consumer into three separate types of online searches: “Do”, “Know” and “Go”. By grasping these types of online searches and knowing what your target market is looking for, you and your business can be more effective in reaching and keeping in touch with those users.


“Do” is a transactional type of search online. Examples include the searching wanting to do something such as purchasing a concert ticket online or listening to their favorite Ted Talk.


“Know” is an informational search query. The person searching is looking for information. Examples include finding an ice cream store near me, or the name of the lead singer in that one band.


“Go” refers to someone wanting to go to specific place on the internet, such as Facebook or the homepage of their favorite website like BleacherReport.
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Now that you know the three types of online searches, you must ask yourself will your target market be satisfied with what they find? Because this is the only question SERPs like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are asking. Remember the search engines only responsibility is to serve relevant results to the end user. So ask yourself what your target customer is looking for is the first step, the second, making sure that you deliver.

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