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Marketing Trends for Small Business Owners in 2018 according to MarketKeep

Marketing Trends for Small Business Owners in 2018
There are four marketing trends for small business owners in 2018 that everyone should be aware of. They are voice, video, instagram, and enhanced analytics. In this short blog, MarketKeep will show you the top marketing trends for small business owners in 2018, and how they can help grow your small business.

The Top Marketing Trends for

Small Business Owners in 2018

1. Voice

With the increasing popularity behind voice recognition apps such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, optimizing your business for voice will be an important step in 2018. Consumers today want the right information in the fasted form possible. Phrases such as Hey Alexa, what’s the best restaurant in Towson, or Google Home call a top repairman are going to become more common as we progress forward. Making sure your business stays at the forefront of this trend can help acquire early adapters, build customer loyalty, and stay one step ahead of your competitors. See how MarketKeep can help optimize your business for search. Contact MarketKeep today.

2. Video

The second most popular marketing trend got small business owners in 2018 is video production. Our smartphones have capabilities that we take for granted now. The most abused one is video. Consumers looking for help on how to do something are frequently turning to their smartphones for advice. Crafting a marketing strategy centered around video will play an important role in acquiring new business. See how MarketKeep can help optimize your business for video marketing. Contact MarketKeep today.

3. Instagram

Within the past six month the popularity of Instagram has doubled! More and more social media users are turning to Instagram as their social media platform of choice! Instagram is great for engaging with your target audience because of its mobile functionality, visual nature, novelty, and function. Starting to understand how you can bring Instagram into your marketing routine will pay off when your social media followers start to grow, and your competitors followers dwindle! See how MarketKeep can help optimize your business for Instagram. Contact MarketKeep today.

4. Enhanced Analytics

We all know about Google Analytics, and if you are not reading your data on a weekly basis you should be! In 2018 your marketing campaigns will begin to all talk with each other which will enhance your analytics, and speed up the marketing process. Making sure that your social media campaigns, Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, and SEO campaigns are all linked to your Google Analytics Account will make a huge difference between measuring conversions, and understanding where the new opportunities for conversions are!

About MarketKeep:

MarketKeep is the preferred marketing assistant to small business owners and marketing directors everywhere! As a marketing agency in Towson Md, our unique approach allows us to integrate ourselves into the daily work schedule of our clients, and become a valuable part of the team.

Our ethos is: Marketing Simplified. In our minds, our job is to help you cut through the clutter of marketing campaigns you can do, and find the marketing campaign you should do. In short we will find the best & right way to reach your target audience. Our three step process is simple, but once you find out how it works you will not want to try any other marketing approach. Through this process together we will craft a message that reaches your target audience in the moments that matter most to them, and in a manner that resonates with them.

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