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Your Strategic Marketing Company

Marketkeep, Your Strategic Marketing Company

In today’s fast past environment small business owners must be quick to react to their customer’s needs. That is why partnering with a strategic marketing company that can do exactly that is vital to your company’s success. MarketKeep is routinely looked upon as the preferred marketing assistant to small business owners and marketing directors everywhere, because we are quick to react to our client’s target audience.

What sets us apart from any other marketing strategic company?

Founded in 2015 with only three clients and a belief we realized that in order to stay in business we had to grow up quickly! Unfortunately since we did not have a marketing budget of $10,000 a month let alone $10 a month, we had to become savvy marketers ourselves. In that time we have not only learned about ourselves as a company, but also defined a cleared roadmap to success. So when people ask us the question, “why should we choose you as our marketing strategic company?” Our reply will always be, because we have been there before. We understand that not every company has a healthy marketing budget, some are taking funds away from other areas of their business with the hopes that by creating a marketing push it will help the company to grow. That is something we keep in mind, and do not take lightly.


Not Just Another Strategic Marketing Company…but a partner

And we really mean that. When a small business owner entrusts their marketing efforts to us, we truly believe we become a partner in that business. We understand that every dollar spent on marketing yourself, has to return as an investment.

So how do I schedule a meeting with your Strategic Marketing Company?


To get in touch with MarketKeep please simply visit our Contact Us Page, or give us a call at 443-470-3975. We would be happy to talk to you about your business, and your overall goals! If you would would like to follow us on Social Media be sure to visit our pages below: