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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can be complex, but with MarketKeep we simplify things by breaking SEO down into four key components. That is why many consider MarketKeep to be the small business SEO expert. That is why we are going to provide you with a roadmap of the four main components to SEO and what many Small Business Owners need to know.


As a small business SEO expert the 4 components you must know are:

1. Technical SEO: How well your content can be crawled and indexed.

2. Content: Having the most relevant and best answers to your potential customer’s question.

3. On-Site SEO: The optimization of your content and HTML (Coding).

4. Off-Site SEO: Building Domain Authority so search engines like Google recommend your site.

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As a small business SEO Expert Know Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about ensuring that a search engine can read your content and navigate your website. Most of this will be taken care of when you design the website, but in case you still need help check out websites such as Screaming Frog or Deep Crawl to explore your Technical SEO. When designing your website and crafting your Technical SEO strategy focus on these key pieces:

  • Website Crawl: Give search engines the ability to crawl your webiste
  • Index Your Website: Make it clear which pages the search engines should index and which ones it should not.
  • Mobile: Make sure your website is mobile friendly
  • Speed: Fast page load times are crucial to the user experience and now your ranking online
  • Technical: Use technology and coding that is search engine friendly.
  • SiteMap: Construct your website in a way that gives certain pages ranking authority over others.

Again most of Technical SEO is taken care of in your website design and development, so make sure to work with a website designer who knows what he or she is doing. To learn more about MarketKeep website design, get in touch with our website design team.

As a small business SEO expert focus on On-Site SEO Optimization

Remember to optimize your overall website and each individual page as well. Once you have completed your Technical SEO work, make sure to focus on On-Site SEO, and particularly these key areas:

  • Keyword Research: Use searches and key phrases that your audience is typing.
  • Descriptive URL’s: Make sure the keyword is in your URL.
  • Page Title: Use keywords naturally within the page title (search friendly ones)
  • Meta Description: Crafte meta descriptions that will drive clicks to your website
  • Content Optimization: Use keywords and variations of that keyword to optimize your site.
  • User Experience: Remember to craft an excellent user experience for customers
  • Strong Call to Actions: You need them to visit your site, so craft great CTA’s!

On-Site SEO Optimization can be tough so make sure to enlist the help of someone who knows what they are doing! To get in touch with the MarketKeep Search Engine Optimization staff, drop us a line here: The MarketKeep SEO Team!

Small Business SEO Experts write great content!

Focus on writing Great Content!

Content is king online when you want to be a small business SEO expert, or just a business expert in general. Produce content that not only tells your audience what you do, but in a way that makes them want to reach out as well! If you are smart too your content will help your prospective customers find the answers they are looking for, and in a way that will make them want to reach out as well. So when you want to be a small business SEO Expert when it comes to content focus on this:

  • Service Content
  • Credibile Content
  • Marketing Content

Work on Off-site authority building

Once it is all said and done the last thing you need to focus on is Off-Site Authority Building. Getting other websites to link back to you is the best way to ensure that your website is credible online. While some companies and people make a living on link-building along, doing it the right way makes all the difference. So make sure to find credible websites, and ones with strong ranking authority.


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As you can see there is a lot of work that goes into being a small business SEO expert, that is why it is important to conenct with the Small Business SEO expert that can do it for you! Contact MarketKeep today to learn more about our Search Engine Optimization Tactics and how we can help you reach your customers online! For more information please visit our Contact Us Page here: Contact MarketKeep