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Signs Your Affordable SEO Services Are Working

As a small business owner, you want your website to rank well, drive business, and not break the bank in order to do so. That is why you want to find affordable SEO services. They provide your business with the flexibility it needs in order to grow, but at a price that works for you as well. At MarketKeep, the digital marketing agency for small businesses, we have compiled a list of the 4 signs your affordable SEO services are working to help you make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Signs Your Affordable SEO Services Are Working

Signs Your Affordable SEO Services Are Working:

1. Your SEO Agency or Consultant Is Showing Deliverables

The first sign that your affordable SEO services are working….deliverables. A quality small business SEO agency or consultant will be able to show you the work that they are doing. At first, they might not be able to show that you are ranking on the 1st page of Google, but they will be able to show you progress. Some of their deliverables may include items such as:


  • The number of websites they have linked back to your business
  • An audit of your website’s homepage, content, or link profile that includes suggestions
  • New content they have been working on to add to your website
  • A weekly or monthly report showcasing the work they have done and how your site is now ranking

2. They Are Providing Recommendations Constantly

Any good SEO agency will be constantly recommending improvements for your site. SEO is a never-ending race so there is always something to be working on. Some items that they may recommend include:

  • Incorporating a social media strategy into your overall digital marketing strategy
  • Launching a content marketing plan
  • Starting a blog
  • Adding more content to appropriate pages
  • Working on an internal linking campaign for your website
  • Optimizing your online citations
  • Adding alt-text to your website images
  • Creating a sitemap and submitting to various search consoles
  • Ideas to improve website speed
  • Disavowing bad backlinks

When an SEO agency suggests these, they are not just trying to upsell you. They are actually incorporating these tactics into your SEO strategy so that they are optimizing your website the correct way, and ensuring that your site will remain strong for the long-term. 

3. Your Rankings Improve

The obvious one. If your SEO agency is able to start helping you rank higher in search results, that’s a good time, and you made the right choice when it comes to your affordable SEO services. Signs that your rankings are starting to improve include:


  • Your site is starting to rank for the keywords you desire (finally!)
  • Your site is ranking on the 1st page of search engines
  • Your site is ranking for different variations of your keyword
  • Your ranking is consistent online. That means you aren’t increasing or decreasing in search results on a regular basis.

4. The Quality of Your Website Visitors Increases

It’s always amazing to see companies that have a ton of website visitors but next to no conversions. The goal of every small business SEO strategy should be to develop quality traffic to your site. Affordable SEO services that work are the ones that deliver consistent traffic that derives from the right SEO Keywords, and the right target audience. 

5. The Time on Page Increases

Within Google Analytics there is a report called time on site, and it is very important for small business SEO success. Before investing in an affordable SEO package that works you may have a poor time on page score. This could be the result of your content not capturing your target audience’s attention, or more likely that you are targeting the wrong audience. 

When you have SEO that works you will see an increase in the time on page because your website is producing content that users are interested in, therefore increasing their engagement with your site. 

Signs Your Affordable SEO

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