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16 Winning SEO Solutions for Small Businesses

SEO Solutions for Small Business Owners That Work

At MarketKeep, the digital marketing agency for small businesses, we recognize that your business needs SEO solutions that are going to make an impact. When performed correctly search engine optimization can and should be your biggest source of website traffic and lead generator for your business. That is why here at MarketKeep we have identified some SEO solutions that will help you to start tackling your search engine optimization campaign the right way and start driving the type of traffic that your website needs.

16 SEO Solutions

1. Research Keywords

The biggest mistake that we see small business owners make is that they start their business without any insight into how their target audience behaves online. While choosing the right keywords won’t get you to the 1st page of Google online, they can ensure you are in the right place and are in a competitive position for the type of traffic you are looking for.

If you have already launched your website, you shouldn’t get discouraged. Simply perform a keyword audit of your existing SEO keywords to make sure you are on the right path. Make sure to identify SEO keywords that are generating traffic, and weed out the ones that are not helping at all.

Whether you are just starting our researching keywords or are looking to re-adjust your existing SEO strategy make sure to visit the Google Keyword Planner to start selecting the right keywords for your business.

2. Maximize Your Website 

Your search engine optimization campaign can only go as far as your website. Make sure to optimize your website so that you are getting the very best out of your SEO strategy.

No matter how great your SEO campaign is, if that website traffic is not leading to conversions it can create some undue stress and some negative consequences. In particular, if you don’t have a website that converts well, you may find yourself with a website that has a high bounce rate and end up hurting your website in the process. 

3. Optimize for Mobile

Did you know that Americans spend over average roughly 87 hours per month browsing the internet on their smartphone? So the question is no longer “is having a mobile website necessary” but how can we make sure that our mobile website users have the best experience possible? 

With so much time being spent browsing on smartphones, and over 50% of all online searches being conducted from a mobile or tablet device, ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile is crucial. 

Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? Click on the link below to see if your website passes the Mobile-Friendly Test.

Is my website mobile-friendly? 

4. Don’t Forget About Local SEO

Another SEO solution that many small business owners forget about is local SEO. Consistently attracting customers to your website or store is hard enough, don’t forget to optimize for local searches!

To improve your local SEO make sure that you obtain citations for local websites and citation lists as well as generate reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and even Facebook. Need help optimizing your website for local SEO? Make sure to check out our SEO packages for small businesses where we have a special place for local SEO campaigns. 

5. Make Sure Your Website Loads Fast

A website typically has between 3 to 5 seconds before losing a person online due to slow website speeds. Page loading speed has a tremendous impact not just on your bounce rate, but also your user experience as well. Both contribute to a website losing its SEO ranking if the problem is really bad. 

When it comes to SEO solutions for your business though this one is relatively easy. Simply install a caching plugin on your website so that it runs fast, make sure your hosting account has a CDN so your site can be visited by other platforms quickly, and most importantly optimize your content and images so that they load fast as well. 

6. Start A Blog

A blog is a great way to generate new SEO traffic to your website. A blog can give you the chance to engage with your customers about relevant topics that apply to both you and them.

The more content you publish that is optimized for search, the more eyeballs you will have on your website. If you are struggling for content or blog topics, think about what your target audience would find useful. That is typically a good place to start.

7. Repurpose old content

It may sound crazy, but creating new content all the time is not completely necessary to increase your website traffic and sales. By updating old content on your website, you are maximizing an SEO solution that is easy yet extremely effective. 

Start by identifying heavy-traffic posts that tend to get a lot of eyeballs on your site, and focusing on doing a few things like increasing your word count, increasing your keyword density, and/or targeting similar keywords. 

8. Commit to building both internal and external links

When it comes to portraying yourself as an industry expert, you want to make sure that you are writing authoritative content for your website. A key part of doing this is generating both internal and external links for your site. 

Internal linking does more than just reroute readers to helpful areas of your site, it also boosts your SEO efforts by helping search engine spiders understand your website’s structure. Linking to external sites with high-domain authorities is also critical to your SEO strategy. When you link to a high-domain external site as a source, your content increases in terms of trustworthiness according to search engines like Google

9. Generate the Right Content

When it comes to SEO Solutions, you should always be evaluating your content strategy. Having a Google-friendly website is just half the battle. Writing proper content that is engaging, informative, and helpful will help you get more website traffic through the sales funnel. 

Remember consumers online are more likely to convert if they feel that the content they are reading is useful, intelligent, and can answer their questions. 

10. Use Visuals

Did you know that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text? So creating informative infographics is a great SEO solution for your business. Explaining key information through an infographic makes the text visible, digestible, and reinforces your SEO strategy. 

11. Be Social

Make sure to incorporate social media as an SEO solution for your business. Social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can help leverage your SEO campaign and actively engage with your users and promote your website at the same time. 

Think about it? Social media can help you optimize your content and by sharing it on various platforms using searchable keywords. 

13. Claim Your Business Profile Online

One of the most important profiles that you can manage online is your Google My Business Profile. Claiming your GMB profile ensures that your business appears on Google Maps for the right types of searches online and helps to boost your local SEO campaign in the process.

But don’t just focus on Google My Business. Make sure that you optimize your local citations across the web, and include items such as your business logo, your phone number, address, hours of operation, and your website URL.

14. Research Your Competitors

One SEO solution that can always produce great results is to make sure that you are researching your competitors as well. What SEO keywords are they using? What type of content are they creating for their website?

Once you have identified the type of competitor you are going after, make sure you are mirroring their SEO strategy and creating pieces of content that outrank them.

15. Be Willing To Re-Assess 

Finally, always be willing to re-assess your SEO campaign. It is important that you view your SEO strategy as a living, growing thing because SEO is constantly changing. So you need to make sure that your website is adapting to the various demands of the industry. 

Use tools like Google Analytics to track your website data, your bounce rates, and what pages are performing best for your business. 

16. Consult a Professional

Sometimes the best SEO Solution is recognizing that you don’t have to go at it alone. One of the greatest SEO solutions that you can have is to make sure you have the right resources in place. 

Consult an SEO agency that will be able to help you rank your website and drive the type of traffic necessary for your business. The right SEO team can help you manage your SEO holistically and help you put your best foot forward online.