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Search Engine Optimization Marketing Agency for Small Businesses
In a recent study it was announced that 96% of Americans shop online, for reasons such as saving time. That seems like a tremendous opportunity for business owners. With that being said over 78% of small businesses just like yourself have invested in a website. So the question becomes, how do you separate yourself from the rest? The answer is Search Engine Optimization. SEO can help your business reach new customers, more customers, and generate more revenue. So when your website is optimized, your business becomes more visible to people online already searching for what you have to offer.

As your Search Engine Optimization Company, We connect you with your customers

Using keywords that your customers search, MarketKeep will position your business online so that you appear at the top of search results! When a potential customer searches online on sites such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing it produces millions of results in order to help the user make an informed decision. The problem is that most of us only look at the first few results on the first page! So if your business is not seen during these few precious moments, it does you no good. That is why when focusing on your online visibility, MarketKeep will determine the keywords that your customers search and lead to the highest conversion rate. Our search engine optimization team will focus on producing relevant content for your customers, location proximity (local seo), offering a seamless experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, and establishing a strong domain authority for your website.

SEO means more business with less time spent on digital dollars spent

Search Engine Optimization done right means that your business will increase its overall visibility online, reach more customers, and drive more sales. So when you partner with a SEO marketing agency for small businesses and start-ups make sure you select one that will pay for itself over time. Our SEO services are priced with local and small businesses in mind. So for a digital marketing tactic that offers huge ROI, search engine optimization is the way to go. 

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