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Marketing Value

marketing value

Whether a company is selling hot dogs or is providing software services to its clients or customers, they have to know their marketing value, in and out. This seems like a logical explanation when selling their services! However, it is fundamentally important that these companies understand the  marketing value of their product or service. As just mentioned, it seems like a very logical thought to know what marketing value the product brings to the market, but it can be overlooked quite often. It is not necessarily what value the product has, but more of what is the value that the consumer sees.

This brings together a flaw that a lot of companies face when marketing their product or are trying to expand outside of their usual target audience. For instance, you might be in the business of selling hot dogs, and you see the value as “hot dogs are delicious” so people will buy them. However, the consumer may look at hot dogs and think, “hot dogs will be easy to make for everyone coming to the party.” So you can see there that although both company wants to sell hot dogs, and the consumer wants to buy them, they see a big difference in value at the point of sale.

So how do you use marketing value to get the right message across? Simple. Take a step back from the day to day operations and really study the product or service you are providing. Look outside of what the company believes is the value of the product, and go straight to the consumer and find out why they want a certain product. Once the company is able to identify the right value, than they can send out the right message through their different marketing platforms. It is incredibly important to market your product, but if you first don’t understand what you are selling and its relationship to the buyer, than it could be a huge waste of time.

About MarketKeep:

Founded in 2015, MarketKeep strives to be the preferred Marketing Assistant to small business owners and marketing directors everywhere. We accomplish this goal by partnering with our clients to help them plan, place, and optimize their marketing strategies. From the beginning, the mission of our company has been focused on our relationships with clients. The key to success with our clients is simple, communication. We listen to all of their goals and future aspirations, and we work towards building a strategy with them to accomplish those objectives. We believe that through our partnerships, we can enable each of our clients to grow their business to their liking and transcend their set goals.

How can we help your company grow? Our services will give you the time to focus on your day to day business operations while we handle your marketing and bring more customers to your doorstep. We will let you focus on being the master of your industry and you can allow us to be the professional marketing experts that we promise to be. Some of the services we provide are: email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, website maintenance, SEM, Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, Print Advertising, Direct Mail, and more!

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