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Best Marketing Tools for Small Business Owners Moving Into 2017.

Yesterday we talked about the top marketing trends for small business in 2016, but today we shift our attention to the year ahead and discuss marketing tools. With the new year rapidly approaching many of us are starting to think about our New Years Resolutions. They could be personal or business related but why not both! Let’s make 2017 the year we devote to our marketing campaigns, and making them the best ones yet! Here are 30 Marketing Tools that we believe will help build your business in 2017.

Marketing Tools

  1. SatisMeter: Lets you gather customer feedback on your products from your website or mobile app.
  2. Adobe Portfolio: Creative services platform that you should not pass up!
  3. App Data Room: sales teams rely on presentations right? App Data Room can help streamline the process.
  4. GuestPost: helps identify bloggers and marketing influences in your specific industry.
  5. Scanbot: Ever find yourself out on the road but need to share documents? Use Scanbot!
  6. Pushover: Keep your notifications organized from one central dashboard!
  7. Boomerang: Schedule your emails to coworkers or clients as well as monitor what happens
  8. Haiku Deck: Create professional presentations directly within a browser
  9. Reputation Loop: Collect feedback from customers and it is positive the tool asks if they’d like to post it online!
  10. Unbounce: Create professional looking landing pages and conduct A/B testing to monitor results
  11. Quick and Easy FAQs: Create FAQs effortlessly in Worpdress
  12. Brand24: Monitor online mentions and sends notifications when you’re mentioned
  13. Agora Pulse: Helps to maintain multiple social media accounts
  14. Shyp: The most trusted shipping partner to help scale and reach more customers
  15.  Curated: save content you see online and send it to your preloaded audience
  16. Pablo: Locate great images and overlay them with text to share with your audience
  17. Dundas BI: Business intelligence that makes decision making easy, even for those tech challenged people!
  18. UberSuggest: free keyword planner that aren’t available in Google’s Keyword Planner
  19. Gleam: helps you custom build giveaways for your website
  20. Nimble: This tool helps your CRM gather info from social media to create highly effective contact databases
  21. Canva: Stop paying for graphic designers! DIY to make logos and graphics for your website and social media outlets
  22. Uberflip: Helps to manage all your content from one place
  23. Privy: Helps to gather contact information at every opportunity and automates the process
  24. Enlight: Helps to take your mobile photos and turn them into high quality photos for your website
  25. Crowdfire: Helps to improve your Instagram or Twitter follower list
  26. Genbook: Let customers and clients book appoints through this platform!
  27. Enloop: Create business plans that get results
  28. Openr: Automatically includes a call to action in your posts
  29. Scribble: Empower your content marketing strategy by gathering insights and putting them to use
  30. Grasshopper: A virtual phone system for small busineses
  31. Need a quick backlink for your website, try UWstart


With these marketing tools in place we hope that you will be able to grow your business in 2017. If you need help planning, placing, or optimizing your marketing strategies drop us a line. Contact MarketKeep today!


About MarketKeep:

Founded in 2015, MarketKeep strives to be the preferred Marketing Assistant to small business owners and marketing directors everywhere. We accomplish this goal by partnering with our clients to help them plan, place, and optimize their marketing strategies. From the beginning, the mission of our company has been focused on our relationships with clients. The key to success with our clients is simple, communication. We listen to all of their goals and future aspirations, and we work towards building a strategy with them to accomplish those objectives. We believe that through our partnerships, we can enable each of our clients to grow their business to their liking and transcend their set goals.

How can we help your company grow? Our services will give you the time to focus on your day to day business operations while we handle your marketing and bring more customers to your doorstep. We will let you focus on being the master of your industry and you can allow us to be the professional marketing experts that we promise to be. Some of the services we provide are: email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, website maintenance, SEM, Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, Print Advertising, Direct Mail, and more!

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