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The Best Marketing Strategies for New Businesses in Maryland

Whether you have just started a cleaning company or opened a new store everyone can use some help when it comes to marketing their business online. Here are a few of the top marketing strategies for new businesses in Maryland.

Best Marketing Strategies for new businesses in Maryland: Set a Goal and a Budget

It may sound silly, but setting a realistic goal and budget is the first step you should take when starting a marketing campaign. Writing down a number helps you stay on task and take ownership for the good and the bad that will come with a marketing campaign. By setting a goal and a budget, you are making a conscious effort to developing a true ROI. If you are having trouble keeping track of the money you have spent we recommend apps such as Mint.com, Quickbooks.com, or Nerdwallet.com.

Best Marketing Strategies for new businesses in Maryland: Pay to Play Campaigns

You know the mantra “you have to spend money to earn money”. Tip number 2 is all about that. When it comes to online marketing Facebook & Google Adwords are king! While it may sound intimidating to initiate a campaign like this, it can be so worth it! If you are looking for some professional help reach out to our Social Media Management Team or Search Engine Marketing Team for some free tips or professional management services.

Best Marketing Strategies for New Businesses in Maryland: Google My Business

We wrote about this earlier in the week, but take advantage of Google My Business. Create an account, and post information about your company such as the hours of operation, address, phone number, and website. Click here to create your Google My Business Account.

Marketing Strategies for New businesses in Maryland - MarketKeep
Best Marketing Strategies for New Businesses: Own one social media platform

Being a business owner is hard. There are a million and one things that you need to take care of, so taking care of a million and one social media platforms can be overwhelming. That is why when you are just starting out it is best to focus on just one platform. If you are looking to identify which social media platform to dominate ask yourself the following questions.

  • On what social media platform do you see the highest engagement?
  • Look at social media tools such as HootSuite or Buffer to help with scheduling your social media strategy!

Best Marketing Strategies for New Businesses: Email Marketing

It is important to note that we are not saying you should buy an email list. We think that these rarely work out. Instead, we think you should be cultivating your own list using your customers and prospects.  A well-performed email marketing campaign will have eye-catching subject lines, creative emails to keep subscribers engaged, and the delivery time will change based on the time of day, and the time of the week. If you are new to email marketing we suggest companies such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Check back later for part two of Best Marketing Strategies for New Businesses!

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