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The Marketing Agency designed

for small businesses & start-ups.

The Marketing Agency for Small Businesses & Start-Ups

As a small business owner do you need help managing your marketing strategy? By partnering with MarketKeep, we will act as your marketing assistant in order to plan, place, and optimize your marketing strategies. Start connecting with your customers today.


The Power of MarketKeep

MarketKeep will partner with your business to help reach your target audience in the moments that matter most to them. As your marketing agency, we will oversee your marketing strategy from concept to implementation. 

Planning your marketing strategy with MarketKeep

Planning a marketing strategy takes a group effort. Our agency will guide you through the process of designing a marketing strategy, but your input is critical! During the discovery phase, we will work together to not only identify your target audience but figure out what is the best way to reach them.

Establish your goal

Place Your Campaign

MarketKeep will place your marketing campaign

As a marketing agency designed for small businesses we take pride in helping you to acheive your goals. That is why after identifying your target audience, MarketKeep will help place your company in front of them in the moments that matter most! Whether that is online or offline, you can be sure that your business will reach your target audience with a message that resonates! 

MarketKeep will optimize your marketing campaigns

Connecting with your customers is only half the battle. With the improvements in technology, and the busy lifestyle your customer leads, staying one step ahead of them has never been more important. MarketKeep will analyze your marketing campaigns so that we can always be one step ahead of your customer, and greet them whenever, wherever, however.

Optimize to Move Forward

Our Customers

As a marketing agency for small businesses and start-ups, MarketKeep has worked with businesses of every size, and industry. Our clients have ranged from plumbing experts to real estate professionals. All types of businesses have found ways to save time and improve their marketing strategy with MarketKeep. See how your business can today. 

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