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How to Create an SEM Campaign

How to Create an SEM Campaign

with MarketKeep 

A lot of our clients want to know how to create an SEM Campaign, and what makes an effective one? Well after being asked the question so many times we have decided to write a blog post on it! So without any further hesitation here is our answer to How to Create an SEM Campaign.

The first thing you want to do is sit down and really understand your business. We first suggest reading our blog post titled, “Create a website Marketing Strategy with MarketKeep”.

Don’t worry we can wait…….

Okay after reading “Create a website Marketing Strategy with MarketKeep” and fully understanding it, please move onto the blog post, “Part Two of Our E-Commerce Spotlight: Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales”. Even if your business does not focus on E-commerce, guess what you still have something to sell….your business! So make sure you take some time to answer all the questions we ask in these two blogs, and put some thought into not only what you want to accomplish, but also the benefit that you are providing to your customers, and how they can find it on their own!

Step 1 in How to Create an SEM Campaign

A majority of business owners, think with the notion of me first. If you want to be success for in marketing, you have to switch your focus from me first, to customer first. The question you should How to Create an SEM Campaign Marketing Funnelalways be asking yourself is, what is the benefit to my customers? When you start shifting your attention from yourself to your customer, the path to conversion becomes much more clear. Let’s look at the image of our marketing funnel on the left.

Say I own a flower shop, and I want to get more sales. I know that there are a couple of rival flower shops located around my store, and they appear ahead of me in the search rankings. The first thing people think of doing, is just bidding on their competitors names. Well that may seem like a good idea because you will have your business ranked ahead of theirs, it is not the best approach. Why? Because you are only reaching someone at the end of their buying process. Once they have committed to buying flowers, it means now they are just looking for where to buy them. Which leads us to our favorite question at MarketKeep


What made them want to buy flowers?

Step 2 in How to Create an SEM Campaign? It’s all about the keywords baby!

That’s right folks. If you want to have a success SEM Campaign, it is all about selecting the right keywords. So instead of focusing on the ultimate goal for flower shop, focus on How to Create an SEM Campaign Marketing Funnelyour customer. Remember the most important question you can ask yourself when it comes to developing a marketing strategy is, what is the benefit to my customers? Let’s look at our marketing sales funnel again. You have the following opportunities

  • building awareness
  • gaging interest
  • decision making
  • action

When you bid on keywords such as “Pat’s Flower Shop” or “Charley’s Flower Shop” you are only reaching individuals when they are making a decision, or taking an action. This means you are only reaching people when they have already made a decision and are price shopping. Instead let’s sway people’s minds into wanting to buy flowers, and only come to you. Let’s take a look at the keyword Ideas for Mother’s Day.

This keyword is a much more profitable keyword for the flower shop, because it gives the flower shop the ability to reach customers just at the beginning of their search. So instead of relying on them to figure out that flowers are the best idea for Mother’s Day instead of dinner at a restaurant, or chocolates, you are telling them right from the beginning, the best idea for Mother’s Day is Flowers! So when asked the question How to Create an SEM Campaign, what is our answer?

Focus on your customer first, and find the keywords that reach them at the awareness and interest level!

To learn more about MarketKeep and our story, be sure to check out our story. If you want to get in touch with us further, and see how we can help you manage an SEM Campaign please be sure to visit our Contact Us Page.


Oh and by the way if you are still asking yourself the question, what is search engine marketing? Make sure to read this article on Wikipedia!

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