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Trump Memes Force Google to explain How Google Search Works

Whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump has done something to help digital marketers. Google CEO Sundar Pichai had to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on December 11th, and because of that explain how Google Search Works. That’s right, because of the popularity of Donald Trump Memes, we now have a better understanding of how Google Search Works, and why some posts receive more hits than others online. So before we explain how Google Search works, let’s get a bit of background on this topic.

How Google Search Works Explained by Google CEO

Republican congressmen on the House Judiciary Committee asked questions about how Google Search Results work to the Google CEO Sundar Pichai because of the amount of Trump Memes on the Search Engine. In fact, if you google the keyword “idiot” right now, Donald Trump shows up in the Google Images Search Results. That prompted Democrat Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren to ask Google CEO Sundar Pichai how Google Search Works. Mr. Pichai replied with the following.


We (Google) provide search today for any time you type in a key word, we as Google, we have crawled and stored copies of billions of web pages in our index. We take the keyword and matc hit against web pages and rank them based on over 200 signals. Thinks like relevance, freshness, popularity, how other people are using it, and based on that, at any given time we try to rank and find the best results for that query. Then we evaluate them with external raters, to make sure, and they evaluate it to objective guidelines, and how that’s how we make sure the process if working.

So thanks to the amount of Donald Trump memes online we now have a better understanding of the way Google categories, and indexes web search results!