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Google Adwords Tips Small Business Owners should know, and how to start selling online.

A fast way to start selling online is through Google Adwords. For small business owners the benefit is the ability to drive qualified buyers to your website, and start selling immediately. Therefore an Adwords campaign designed correctly can really help your business grow. The downside to Google Adwords is that if not designed properly it can result in a wasted budget and no sales. So here are eight Google Adwords Tips Small Business owners should know.

1. Don’t overthink it….just use common sense when selecting keywords

The success of a Google Adwords is in keeping it simple. Think of the keywords your target audience would use already to find you online and start from there. Simply put, put yourself in the mindset of your customer and start from there. If you have a hard time thinking of potential keywords, the Google Keyword Planner is a great place to start.

2. Maximize the Ad itself!

When working on your Pay Per Click Campaign, make sure to devote time towards your Google Ad itself. Google only gives you a finite amount of text to work with, so make sure to maximize it! Think of clear Call to Actions that will resonate with your potential customer, and make sure they are easy to spot.

3. The Landing Page makes a difference!

You have identified your keywords, you have created a great ad, make sure to send your future customers to the right page. A landing page that speaks directly to your buyer goes a long way in conversions. Optimize your landing pages to be highly relevant to your ad copy, and has a positive impact on your overall quality score. A higher quality score results in more impressions and a lower CPC.

4. Think mobile first

In today’s environment, nearly 60% of all searches are now done from a mobile device! This will help to increase the conversions from mobile devices like a smart phone or tablet.

Google Adwords Tips Small Business Owners should Know

5. Utilize the Ad Extensions

Ad extensions is the fifth tip in our series Google Adwords Tips Small Business Owners should know, is ad extensions. While they have been around for awhile, many small business owners still fail to use them. Ad extensions can greatly increase your click-through rate by giving your potential customer what they want immediately without having to land on your website and manually search for it. This is critical, considering 60% of all searches are done on a mobile device, meaning they want the information fast.

6. Negative Keywords can be your friend

Negative Keywords give people the wrong impression. They are actually designed to improve the quality of traffic coming to your website, and reduce the overall costs for your campaign. So if you want to increase revenue, while decreasing cost, use the Negative Keywords option!

7. Optimize your Google Adwords Campaign based on your Geographical Location

Local bid adjustments can benefit just about any business owner. There will always be zip codes and neighborhoods that lead to higher conversions. You can increase your overall revenue, and decrease the cost you spend on Google Adwords, simply by utilizing the geographical location tool.

8. Understand the Keyword Match Types

Whenever a potential customer searches on Google, Adwords shows ads based on how relevant they believe the term is. Selecting the correct match types helps Google display your ads to the correct audience. The four keyword match types you can select are:

Exact: Your ads will only show when the exact search query is typed into Google

Phrase: Your ads will show only when searchers use the phrase you input

Broad: Your ads will show when any words in any order include the keyword used

Broad Match Modified: Your ads will display when the target keyword is typed in the order you specify.

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