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Why Tracking the Success of My Google Adwords Campaign with Offline Tracking is Important


For small business owners your return on investment for any sort of marketing campaign is critical. That is why here at MarketKeep, we firmly believe that in order to have a successful Google Adwords Campaign, Offline Tracking needs to be a vital part of the process. By incorporating Offline Tracking into your Google Adwords Campaign, you are providing yourself with the opportunity to monitor both online and offline sales, and ensuring that you are receiving key information that can help grow your business.

By importing offline conversion tracking into your Google Adwords Campaign you can begin to measure what happens in the offline word after your ad results in a click or call to your business. Now the great thing about running an SEM Campaign with Google is that they provide you with two types of offline tracking for Google Adwords.

Google Adwords Campaign & Offline Tracking

Adwords Conversion Import & Adwords Conversion Import with Salesforce

Since most small business owners do not have Salesforce as a tool, this blog article is going to focus on the first topic with is Adwords Conversion Import. If you wish to read more about Adwords Conversion Import with Salesforce please feel free to read the following articles; About Adwords Conversion Import for Salesforce or Import conversions from Salesforce.

How does Adwords Conversion Import work?

Adwords Conversion Import allows your business to input conversion that you track in any other system into Adwords. Since this offline tracking tool is the most compatible with any type of CRM system, it gives you many different ways to track your conversions. Another thing that separates this program from others, is that it allows you the ability to import conversions that started with an ad click or with a call from your ad.

Setting Up Offline Tracking for Your Google Adwords Campaign

Before you set up your offline tracking you must first answer the question: Do I want to track conversions starting with clicks or with a phone call? 


Tracking a Google Adwords Campaign & Offline Tracking

Setting Up Offline Conversions with Clicks

If you choose to optimize your Google Adwords Campaign with tracking offline clicks, you will have to know what a GCLID is. When you begin to optimize offline tracking you will be provided with a unique ID from Google, referred to as your GCLID. This unique ID will be present every time your target audiences comes to your website via your Adwords Ad.

In order to track offline conversion, you’ll want to save that ID Along with whatever lead information you collect from the person who clicked on your ad. Later when that person converts into a sale in the offline world, you give the GCLID ID back to Adwords along with some details about the type of conversion it was and when it happened. This allows Adwords to record the conversion along with your other tracking data.

Setting Up Offline Conversions with Phone Calls

By importing call conversions information into your Adwords account you can track which of your ads and keywords for that matter, result in the most amount of sales calls for your business. Instead of using a click ID as with conversions from clicks, you will be tracking the information from your phone calls that results in sales, or other valuable customer actions. When you import this information in Adwords, these conversions are then matched and measured with the phone calls from your ads.


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