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Custom Audiences – the best way to target customers on Facebook

Custom Audiences - the best way to target customers on Facebook

Finding your customers online is never easy. It takes time, practice, and a whole lot of patience. While many small business owners turn to social media to run their marketing campaigns, a majority of us are just shooting from the hip. Today we are going to let you in on a little secret. One of the best ways to reach customers on Facebook is through custom audiences.

If you run a business that strives on repeat customers, custom audiences are the way to go. Why? Because it is easier to sell to your current customers than to look for new ones. Not only will you be strengthening your existing connection with them, but you will also continue to place your businesses products in front of them as well! All you need to get started is an e-mail address.

Look-a-Like Audiences – The best way to target customers on Facebook for the first time.

While custom audiences are a great way to engage with current customers, the second reason why it is such a great marketing strategy is because it allows for you to create look-a-like audiences. Facebook defines look-a-like audiences as: “a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers.”

In order to create a Look-a-like audience, you must first choose your source audience. This is where your customer audience comes into play. From there Facebook finds people who are similar (look like) them. The best part is, is that you get to choose the size of your look-a-like audience! Smaller audiences that more closely match your source audience are generally best, but larger ones do reach more people. The best recommendation is that you keep your source audience between 1,000 to 50,000 people. Below are some other key parts to Custom Audiences and Look-a-Like Audiences.

  • Your Look-a-Like Audience will only include people from the country/countries you selected during creation.
  • Your source audience must contain at least 100 people from a single country in order for Facebook to use it as the basis for a Look-a-Like audience.
  • You do not have to have people from the country/countries you want to target your source audience. For example, if you have a source audience of 10,000 people from the United States, you can use that same audience to create a Look-a-Like Audience of similar people in Canada.
  •  You can create up to 500 Look-a-Like Audiences from a single source audience.
  • People in your source audience will be excluded from your Look-a-Like Audience unless you use a pixel as your source audience.
  • You can use multiple Look-a-Like Audiences at the same time for a single ad set. The ad set will target your ads to people who are in any of the selected Look-a-Like Audiences.


The Best Way to Target Customers on Facebook

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