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Here are some helpful marketing strategies

for Lawyers

Marketing Strategies for Lawyers

Whether you are a long time practicing lawyer, or just starting out here are five simple marketing strategies for lawyers that we have found to be successful at MarketKeep.

The first helpful marketing strategies for lawyers is…Blogging

Just like what we are doing right now, blogging has become a popular way to gain new clients, and solidify your relationship with existing ones. When you hear blogging though, you might begin to think, well I have nothing really to say. That is simply not true. You are an expert in your profession, you have plenty to offer your clients. Some helpful tips for blogging are: focus on questions you receive frequently, talk about new laws being implemented and how they might affect your clients, offer advice on what a client should do when preparing for trial. You see your law firm has plenty to offer, so be sure start blogging!

Tip Number 2: E-mail Marketing.

E-mail marketing has become such an automated process thanks to products such as Constant Contact and Mailchimp that all we need to do as marketers is set up the email forms. After we can sit back and watch as our clients begin to receive e-mail notifications ranging from your monthly newsletter to reminders about their next appointment.


Tips for marketing strategies for lawyers

Want some free advice? When working on marketing strategies for lawyers, never be afraid to try something new. It could lead to something great!

Tip Number 3: Social Media

Connecting with your clients on the platforms that matter most to them is absolutely critical, and social media is the best way to do that! When you post to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you are communicating with clients and perspective clients at levels they can be aware of. So make sure to post to social media once or twice a day. Need someone to manage your social media platforms? Contact MarketKeep, where we do that on a daily basis for you!

Tip Number 4: Creating videos for YouTube

Did you know that behind Google Search, YouTube is the second most popular website to create a search on? As marketers and business owners we should be taking advantage of this platform! Creating videos that explain what your business does, or helpful tips for perspective clients goes a long way in providing value. Explore popular YouTube channels first, see what they do, and begin implementing them on your own time! It really does work.

Tip Number 5: Ebooks

Our last tip of the day is all about lead creation! Getting traffic to your website is great, but being able to convert that traffic into leads is even better! A popular way to do this is via downloadable ebooks! Offer some advice that requires people to enter their name, telephone, and email. If they find the topic interesting and enter their information, guess what you now have a lead! Figuring out ways to create ebooks and where to put them on your site can be hard. Contact MarketKeep today, and we will offer to help create your first ebook for free!