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In order to serve our business owners and marketing directors in an effective manor, MarketKeep strives to operate as your Digitlal Marketing Company. As you might have heard before, our job is to help you plan, place, and optimize your marketing campaigns effectively. What better way to do this than through digital marketing. The staff here are MarketKeep is devoted to achieving your goals, and we believe that through our hard work and collaboration we can do exactly that.



Services We Offer As a Digital Marketing Company



Website Design

All great digital marketing strategies start with a solid foundation, and that foundation is your website. Making sure that your business can be found online, easily navigated, and has the content your audience is looking for is the foundation for which any company can build upon. MarketKeep works with our clients to ensure that their website is performing at an optimal rate, and is giving their audience the information they are looking for, and in doing so turning them into customers! 

To learn more about our website design capabilities, and to get a free evaluation of your current website please visit our Contact Page


Search Engine Optimization

Behind every great websites, stands an even better SEO campaign. Search Engine Optimization as defined by MarketKeep is “coming up in the search results that matter most to yur customers, and giving them the content they have been looking for”. Our job is to fully understand your customers and their search habits, so that we can position your company in the places that matter most to them, with the content that matters most to them!

To learn more about our Search Engine Optimization capabilities, and to get a free evaluation of your SEO visibility please visit our Contact Page

 Digital Marketing Company | MarketKeep

Most people can create a digital marketing campaign, but a great digital marketing company can help you create a marketing campaign that will win customers in the moments that they are searching, and when it matters most to them.

– Charley Jones Director of Client Engagement


Search Engine Marketing


While every business wants to be number one, we all can’t be. Sometimes it helps to have additional visibility on the web. That is why at MarketKeep we strongly encourage our clients to take a closer look at Search Engine Marketing or Pay-Per-Click. SEM is a great way to stay in front of your customers as they search, particularlly in cases where you might not rank as well for a specific search term or keyword.

To learn more about Search Engine Marketing and the power of it, drop us a line via our Contact Page



Social Media


Everyone wants to be social and in 2017 that even means online! MarketKeep is here to help our clients develop a social media strategy that will not only keep their audience engaged, but encourage them to take some form of action after seeing the post. 

To learn more about how we can help you with your Social Media campaigns, please visit our Contact Page


Video Production


You may not have considered video as a part of your digital marketing strategy, but as your digital marketing company we strongly encourage it! WIth social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat there has never been a better time to connect with our audience via video!


To learn more about our Video Production capabilities, give us a call or visit our Contact Page



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